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Friday, April 13, 2007

Around the 'Sphere

Fridays almost always stink in terms of news. Any story that breaks today, unless it is a really large one, will die out by Monday and be forgotten. But that does not mean our fellow bloggers do not have interesting news or views on certain things.

For example, Mary Katherine Ham is running a peep show over at her site today. Trust me, it is pretty cute.

Captain Ed bids his job a fond farewell today to his job. On Monday he begins his new job with Blog Talk Radio.

Michelle Malkin caught this post from Proteus @ Eject! Eject! Eject! that is worth the read.

Yesterday, the ever popular James Lileks posted a review of Hugh Hewitt's new book, "A Mormon In The White House?". The review is witty, and punctuated with clear-cut common sense. Another post that is well worth the read.

Over at NRO, Victor Davis Hanson clues us into a dream he had about The Post-West.

Over at the Washington Times, Frank Gaffney is trying to educate the public about the documentary that he had a hand in and PBS has decided they do not want to air it for fear it might offend Muslims. It is my honest, blunt opinion that I do not care about offending people. They do not have to watch it if they so choose, but if public broadcasting funds were used to make this film (read: taxpayer monies) then it should be aired so the taxpayer can see what they paid for.

Researchers are discussing the possible scrapping of the Internet? That is the subject of Texas Fred's newest missive.

Don Singleton notices that Spain is getting a little edgy over a new, al-Qaeda affiliated group that is calling for the reconquest of Spain, which it deems "lost terrirtory."

Tracy @ Anti-Strib celebrates Alcohol Awareness Month, and points out that there a few people slacking in this realm. (I count myself among those slackers, but not of my own choosing.)

Nancy Pelosi's violation of the Logan Act is the focus of Spree's piece @ Wake Up, America. Thomas was involved in a rather heady debate about this last night where a moonbat on the Left kept trying to say she had not violated the act, and was accusing him of declaring her a traitor. There is a significant difference between the two crimes, and that was seemingly lost on the poor moonbat.

And rounding out my rounds for this Friday is Flap's blog. Up there is a story about Iran's reactors and their enrichment program (complete with a ton of links to the rest of the coverage of this issue) and Cox & Forkum's newest cartoon showing us that the UN is about the dumbest organization when it comes to dealing with Iran.

Have fun reading the rounds, and we will see you back here tomorrow or Sunday (depending on how busy we are). Have a great weekend good conservatives. Oh, and yes, we wish the moonbats a good weekend to. Also, keep Governor Corzine in your prayers after his accident yesterday. Just because he is on the opposite side of the aisle does not mean that we cannot have a little compassion in our hearts.



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