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Monday, April 09, 2007

The Centrifuges Are Online; Iran Is One Step Closer To Fulfilling Their Nuclear Ambitions

From the Washington Times:

Iran today announced it has begun enriching uranium with 3,000 centrifuges, a dramatic expansion of a nuclear program that has drawn U.N. sanctions and condemnation from the West.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said at a ceremony at the enrichment facility at Natanz that Iran was now capable of enriching nuclear fuel "on an industrial scale."

Asked if Iran has begun injecting uranium gas into 3,000 centrifuges for enrichment, top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani replied, "Yes." He did not elaborate, but it was the first confirmation that Iran had installed the larger set of centrifuges after months of saying it intends to do so. Until now, Iran was only known to have 328 centrifuges operating.

We have been warning people for months, and we're not the only ones doing it. Michael Ledeen, Victor Davis Hanson, and a host of other experts on the Middle East have warned that as we fiddle, the Middle East could be burning. The UN's elementary ideas of handling such a situation via toothless and meaningless sanctions is a prime example of how the West has played games with Iran rather than being forceful about this mess.

Iran is a nation openly hostile to us, to Britain, and to Israel. They are still sending munitions, weapons, and fighters into Iraq to use against our soldiers there. Despite the fact that Iran got Sarafi back in exchnge for the British sailors and Marines, we still have five Quds commanders in custody that were caught in Iran.

We know what they are building, and we know they have the capability to do it. The question is if they actually have the technical know-how to assemble a working nuclear weapon. That, honestly, is irrelevant right now. With 3000 centrifuges online and enriching uranium, it is essential that the enrichment be halted. It will not be done through the UN, as Iran has allies in both Russia and China that will block any serious sanction. And there is no way any nation will back up sanctions with the threat of "serious consequences" along the lines of such repercussions that Saddam faced for not coming clean in 2003.

A covert airstrike could take out the Natanz plant, but at best manby are saying that will only slow them down, not stop them. To stop them, each site must be hit and destroyed. Israel did this to Saddam in 1981, but he had one site to take out, not over a dozen. His was also above ground (a simple nuclear power plant) as opposed to the few that are beneath the ground in hardened bunkers.

Time is running out for the West. If actions are not taken soon, Thomas's prediction may indeed come true. We may see a fully nuclear Iran by the year's end.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since when Mr. Ledeen is an expert on the Middle East ?
Is it because of his contacts with Manucher Ghorbanifar, the Iranian weapon dealer who was classified as a fabricator by the CIA in 1984 (after he failed 3 polygraph tests) ?

4:32 PM  

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