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Monday, April 09, 2007

Liberalism and religion: Why they abhor it so much

Over at TownHall, Kevin McCullough has an interesting missive. On this Monday after Easter, he's talking about why the Left hates the Risen Christ. Before I go on, I should remind readers that I am a Catholic, returned to the Church with my marriage to my beautiful wife, and that before that point in my life, it had been over a decade since I had even walked into a Catholic Church. Mr and God just simply weren't on speaking terms. For my wife and my own salvation, I returned. But here's what Kevin has to say:

Liberals detest the historical fact that Jesus Christ arose from the dead.

In doing so they betray the fact, that while they may attempt to embrace the Son of God as an icon of compassion, they have little actual intellectually honest use for the message or meaning of what He represented while on the earth. This rejection, hate, and rebellion against God neither lessens His reality, nor justifies their actions, attitudes, and behaviors in this life. ...

... Liberals dislike words like "obedience" they are only able to associate its meaning to something equivalent to slavery. Yet when you consider what obedience is designed to encourage it is anything but. Would a parent think it unreasonable for a child to obey their instruction when the child is reaching for the hot stove, about to dart out into oncoming traffic, or jump into a body of water without the skills to swim? That instruction is designed to protect, save, and even enhance the child's life. Instructing our children to "study hard, make good grades, and always be prepared to do your best" could in some sense be seen as "slavery to an outdated ideal" but in reality it enables that same child to achieve - sometimes more than even they believe they are capable.

Liberals will attempt to dispute the premise of my claims and refer to their own personal, deep, and life long admiration of Jesus as proof. This is exactly the type of utilitarian relationship godless liberals deceive themselves with. They will speak in glowing terms of how Jesus fed those who were hungry, but will ignore how he instructed those he fed to live righteously. With contempt in their voice they will remind you that Jesus loved the poor, but will ignore His guidance on stewardship and personal responsibility. Liberals will scream shouts of hypocrisy about Jesus' "love for creation" in their demands to drive smaller cars, but ignore His attribute of complete sovereignty which oversees the cycles and the seasons of not just this planet but of all the created solar systems.

Liberals will also insist most assuredly that Jesus would never reduce modern sexual freedoms to old fashioned ideas of morality. They would argue that he would have (and therefore we must) embrace "love for all of man's sexual expression." Yet they purposefully remain blinded to the fact that Jesus said to the adulterous woman who was drowning in "sexual expression" to "GO and sin no more."

The number one reason why the Left hates religion in general, God, or Christ is because belief in such things gives people hope. It gives them something more to believe in. A level of perfection and salvation that mankind can't provide. No government on the face of the planet could provide such things. Believe me, the most evil men in the woprld have already tried it time and time again.

Wasn't Stalin's Soviet Union supposed to be a utopian dream? A worker's "paradise?" With Mao the same thing? With Hitler, it was to be a truly united German people; an Aryan brotherhood. And on and on it goes. Each one of those men banned religion in their countries, for the most part, and only those keeping their faiths secret managed to continue forward with their beliefs. In those nations, the state was "god," and they wanted no one above that.

The Left wqould like nothing more than the eradicate all Judeo-Christian beliefs from society. Purge it, completely. They think that we, the people who do worship God and His Risen Son are nuts; we're quacks of the worst order believing in something we can't see and we can't prove. At least not the way they want it proven. (Tell you what ... You Lefty's stick around until the end of the world, and I'll prove to you Christ existed and that He is the Son of God.) As for believing, it's called faith, and I have more faith in God than I do in anything that man creates.

We're imperfect. Always has been, always will be. God made us that way. God made us with faults (namely emotions, which liberals love to "think" with) and gave us something that no other being on the face of the planet has: Free will. All the other species of Earth go off of instinct. We get free will to do whatever we please, whenever we please, and yes, often times at the expense of others. That's the way the cookie crumbles, folks.

Many people, like Marcie and I, try to live our lives as best we can. Sure, we sin from time to time, and we recognize that we won't always be perfect. But for the Left religion isn't perfect. It's biased, it's insensitive, it's morally absolute. There is no "wiggle room" for them within religion. This is why they embrace such things as environmentalism.

There is no deity to answer to. No laws other than those they make up. There's also no salvation in it (if you don't recycle or quit driving your car, you're going to Hell because to them there is no such place). The only thing they do have in their new "religion" that is similar to others is tithing. But they want that mandated by the government in the form of a tax. And, mind you, unlike a real religion where you can choose to not believe in it if you want, this one the participation is absolutely mandatory.

This is just another example of why we're not liberals. And it's a great one to point to when arguing with the Left. We'll cast our lot with Christ rather than with man.

Publius II


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