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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

John McCain -- The emperor has no clothes, no help, no money, and no hope for 2008

First things FIRST. On this day when Iran has agreed to give up the fifteen British sailors and Marines (and apparently due to some swapping, as Marcie observed this morning, which gives us some suspicions of capitulation) we needed to have some of this. Allah over at Hot Air has a new trailer that we needed to see. It's the second trailer for "Live Free or Die Hard"; the fourth and final installment in the Die Hard series. And for all those "die hard" Bruce Willis fans, this one's personal folks. The bad guys -- a group of cyber-terrorists -- have his daughter. All we have to sya, in the immortal words of Montgomery Genrty, is HELL YEAH!

OK. Back to business. I'm done plugging movies for the summer. As Monty Python's famous troupe once quipped "and now for something completely different ..."

And what could be more different than The Politico's story on John McCain. It seems that the senior senator for our state who is supposedly running for president is, yeah, not ready to step out and announce it, nor is he happy with his fundraising:

Amid growing internal concern about poor fundraising and the direction of his presidential campaign, Sen. John McCain's top advisers bluntly told backers on Tuesday of plans to overhaul the campaign and delay its formal announcement until after a major speech on Iraq.

"This is clearly a moment in the campaign that says, ‘Hello? Wake up!' " finance chairman Tom Loeffler said in a telephone interview. "It’s not a time to jog anymore. It’s a time to sprint in the fundraising efforts. We have learned the political fundraising realities of 2007, and we are making the proper adjustments."

Drawing on some of the successful fundraising techniques of President Bush’s two campaigns for the White House, the McCain campaign now plans to mirror the Bush-Cheney campaign’s Pioneers, Rangers and Mavericks with the McCain 50s, McCain 100s, McCain 200s and other elite designations for top fundraisers who agree to raise $50,000, $100,000, $200,000 or more. The plan also includes daily, weekly and monthly reports and benchmarks – the "metrics" that Bush-Cheney used in 2004 to promote competition, discipline and accountability.

The changes have been in the works for awhile but were rolled out after McCain, who once looked to be the prohibitive favorite in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, announced he had raised $12.5 million in the first quarter of year, compared with Rudy Giuliani’s $15 million and Mitt Romney’s stunningly strong $21 million.

Many Republicans had believed McCain's chief impediment would be his age, since he would be 72 at his inauguration, the oldest of any president. But instead he now faces a forest of hurdles, including continued skepticism from the party's conservative base and mocking coverage of his televised assertions that Iraq is safer than portrayed by the media.

Many are asking when the wheels fell off the new, revised "Straight Talk Express," and I contend they fell off the day he started camapaigning. Look, I don't mean to quash those supporting McCain, but he has ticked off the base far too much in recent years. For those that are keeping score, you know this well. For those that refuse to acknowledge it, here is the reminder, again:

-- McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance Reform.

-- His flat refusal to vote for any of the Bush Tax Cuts.

-- His interference in the war by "redefining" torture; redundant as the nation already has such laws on the books.

-- Criticism of the president's prosecution of the war WHILE he was campaigning for him in 2004.

-- His attachment to the Kennedy immigration reform bill.

-- Compiling and executing the Gang of 14 plan to usurp the powers of the president to nominate judicial appointees.

Strike, after strike, after strike. John McCain's campaign is dead in the water. His fundraising shows lackluster support. With Giuliani shooting himself in the foot with his stance on abortion, and public funding for it, which won't resonate with social conservatives. Give him kudos for being honest, but it was the wrong comment at a critical time. With Romney surging ahead in his fundraising, and gaining on McCain, I'd say the senior senator is done like dinner. Time for him to pack it in. Either he does it now, or when and if Fred Thompson jumps in, he'll be leaving the race.

John McCain is finished. There is no hope for him. His record has cooked him in the eyes of the base, and they siomply won't trust him any longer. His fundraising shows this. His rhetoric -- lashing out at the people he "trusted" in the MSM -- shows he lacks so much to be competant enough to be trusted with the presidency.

Publius II


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