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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fred Thompson on Breitbart TV

Breitbart News has launched it's own online TV show, and of course, they landed Senator Thompson for their debut. K-Lo at NRO's Corner picked it up, and here are some excerpts:

Among other things, he says when pressed: "I'm not going to argue the extent or location of the fire in my belly."

More quotes:

National security has to be the overriding issue. We are going into a different era. We've got Islamic fundamentalism, suicide maniacs trying to get their hands on nuclear weapons that says it all.

If you can't get your message out, if you can't introduce yourself to people, and people can't figure out what kind of guy you are, and what kind of president you would be in the length of time we've got between now and the primary season, it's not gonna happen. You might oughta find another line of work. There is plenty of time to do that.

I've never casually run for anything.

He adds: I would just point out that I've never lost an election. No one has ever come within 20 points of me. I've always led the ticket. Little things like that.

Scott presses: That could also say you haven't really been tested by the fire.

Senator Thompson: Well could be. I ran against an incumbent 12 congressman who was very popular. For starters. People can make of it what they will. But you know, there is one way to cure that isn't there and that is say watch how things develop over this next little while. See then what you think. They must think I'm pretty smart fellow to do what I've done while being lazy.

Scott: Now you know it will get intense, it already has, Jim Dobson has said he's not even sure you are a good Christian. Are you ready for the onslaught of all that?

Senator Thompson: That's one of the advantages of living this long. It ain't my first rodeo. I've seen it up close and personal for a long time. There will be no tactics or attempts that anybody does anymore in American politics that will surprise me. It's small potatoes. We are talking about the future of the country here. Not somebody's hurt feelings or embarrassment. We're talking about the next generation. And these other things are extremely minor considerations compared to that.

If I didn't think I could win...if I didn't think I could win in November I wouldn't think about it. I'm not interested in winning a primary and losing in November. I'm not interested in being the tallest midget in the room. So yeah I think about that. That goes into the equation. But that has to do with the man fitting the times. The man has to fit the times.

On the internet and the new kind of campaign that he's clearly going to run if he runs:

If I'm successful in what I'm doing here...if it turns out to be something that we do...and is successful at it, it will in large part be because of that. I'm already going against the rules. In my timing, and what I'm saying, and whether a guy who hasn't been out there working feverishly ever since he was in the eighth grade, and all those kinds of things, and if I do it successfully, it will be in large part because of this very thing.

Not a bad interview, to say the least, and he's got that folksy side down cold. THIS is the sort of person people can easily get behind. Not in the sort of way to undermine the other candidates either, but more along the lines separating the whjeat from the chaff here. Let's face cold, hard facts, folks. The GOP candidates that are out there right now are, for the most part, good people. The problem is this isn't a popularity contest. We're choosing the next president here, and this world is a dangerous place. I don't want the pretty face in the White House, or the richest person in the White House.

I want the most competent person in the White House that will be able to handle the 21st Century threats that this nation is going to be facing. In 2008, the Islamofascist animals are not going to simply disappear off the face of the planet. They're not going to go away because George Bush isn't president anymore. They're still going to be out there, and they still hate us. I want a leader in the White House who is no nonsense on domestic and foreign affairs. I don't want someone who panders, and I sure as Hell don't want someone who is angry and paranoid about everyone around him. (That one's for you, Johnny.)

He may not have officially announced his run, but he's running. Make no mistake about it. I'm betting he's glad he missed the debate on Thursday for a couple of reasons. (Amongst them being that he managed to conveniently miss the "clowns" on the stage, and I'm not just talking about Chris Matthews here.) If and when he jumps in, this will quickly become a four way race, and McCain will drop out shortly thereafter. Rudy might even follow his lead, but I doubt it.

What I see in Fred Thompson is actually a bit of Mitt Romney. Both are articulate, telegenic, highly intelligent, and they have a vision for the future of this nation that many can't beat. It's clear to me that the Democrats can't even figure either of them out. And I'm sure the other thing that galls the Hell out of them Dems is that here's Fred, he's not even in it yet, and he's still currying a lot of favor; more than they can even muster.

I keep hearing Dems pump up Hillary. "She's shrewd," they say. Well, I've got a big newsflash for them: Mitt Fred, and Rudy didn't just fall off the turnip truck yesterday. And they're far from intellectual lightweights. If Hillary is the nominee for their side, she's about to be hit by a ton of bricks. None of these guys are going to play patty-cake with her. This isn't going to be like the Lazio camapign for her first-time around Senate seat. The presidency demands more than just playful jabs. Fred will be among those throwing haymakers; he is going to connect, and they're going to hurt.

Publius II


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