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Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Column Up!!

First, let me offer my apologies to readers when I forgot to post the normal reminder of our column up on 1 May. It slipped my mind while helping my lovely wife prepare for her finals. BTW, yes, she graduated. BA in English and history. Give the girl her credit.

But, as this is a never-ending fight, it's my "duty" to inform you of another front reinforced. Yes, Common Conservative has a new issue out.

The esteemed editor, Mr. Lindaman (ro relation to Malcolm McDowell's now deceased character on "Heroes") is asking why we're having the debates so early, especially the GOP debates.

Patrick Shanahan (no relation -- I think -- to the former Red Wing enjoying his time on the golfd course right now) talks about cost, and how the liberal ideas regarding such things shouldn't fall on us alone. After all, government should have some consequences, too, unless it's the socialist utopia the Left believes in.

On the lighter side, we have Larry Simoneaux (can't FIND a relation, LOL) talks about "a dead printer and the death of reason." This sounds like Ron Paul, but not even Ron Paul could make the correlation, and still sound sane. (I'm sure it's unconstitutional somewhere.)

Back to Earth, Marcie and I are discussing a dynamic that we haven't seen in years with a possible Fred Thompson run for the 2008 GOP nomination. (C'mon Fred; s**t or get off the pot already.)

Amongst our astute guest authors this month, Jeff Lukens reminds us that we haven't lost in Irtaq up to now, and we're not losing anytime soon.

Chris Adamo,/li> talks about the Sarkozy victory in France, and how some areas of the world hang in the balance with what he'll do next hangs int he balance. (Psst! Someone send Sarkozy a copy of Mark Steyn's brilliant opus!)

The encroachment of Islam in America, and fallout from the "Flying Imams" is the subject of Sher Zieve's astute mind.

Almost as if on cue John Lillpop pipes up on Lindsey Graham and his distate for Americans who want TRUE, comprehensive immigration reform. (I wonder if Lindsey was involved in this deal ?

And finally, the lovely and talented Carey Roberts defends men, and debunks yet another "urban legend" about women working longer and harder than men, and receive nothing in return.

Enjoy readings, folks. You won't regret it! And as always, this post will sit at the top of the page, so scroll down for updates, especially on the immigration issue.

Publius II


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