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Friday, June 01, 2007

New Column Up!!

(This is a reminder of our regular column being published at Common Conservative. If you want to see our posts from the day, scroll down. This post will remain at the top of the page all day.)

It's the first, which means that Common Conservative has published it's newest issue of wit and wisdom from conservative political punidts.

Thomas Lindaman, our esteemed editor, and still no relation to Mr. Lindaman from "Heroes" expresses his thoughts on Dancing With The Stars, and yes folks, he doesn't give a damn.

Patrick Shanahan speaks out on "comprehensive solutions" for immigration. Wimps doesn't begin to cover his thoughts.

Larry Simoneaux talks about a recent conversation held with his muse Mudrock. (I need to find myself a Mudrock. 'Course, I could just stick with my wife. She has less grease on the stove.)

And Marcie and I have expressed a month end round up of news events in our newest Passing Thoughts column.

Guest Articles include views from Mr. Lindaman giving a book review of AJ Kaufman's "Reclamation;" a book on the scary, seedy underbelly of public education.

Sharon Hughes takes the Democrats to task over their pork-bribery war funding bill.

Jack Ward is also talking about the Senate boondoggle also known as "Comprehensive Immigration Reform."

John Lillpop discusses a new Presidential directive that President Bush signed into law. While we're not too afraid of the president executing this directive, it bodes ill for successors, especially if one like Senator Clinton ever was elected to the presidency.

The immigration draft int he Senate seems to be a running theme this issue as Bob Parks piles on the ridiucule to those that deserve it most.

And Chris Adamo the relevant Achilles heel of a Rudy Giuliani nomination.

Again, Common Conservative defines this month with solid conservative analysis from some of the best, yet lesser known, pundits. Enjoy reading them all.

Publius II


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