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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yeah, No Bias Against Israel From The UN At All ...

Imagine if the United Nations helped supply our enemeis with advanced military equipment so they could better kill us. The outrage would be astronomical. Kofi Annan's head would be called for. As a matter of fact, I'm envisioning a torch-and-pitchfork moment in my mind. But that is the revelation from SF Gate, via Little Green Footballs.

Israeli intelligence officials have complained to Britain and the United States that sensitive night-vision equipment recovered from Hezbollah fighters during the war in Lebanon had been exported by Britain to Iran. British officials said the equipment had been intended for use in a U.N. anti-narcotics campaign.

Israeli officials say they believe the state-of-the-art equipment, found in Hezbollah command-and-control headquarters in southern Lebanon during the just-concluded war, was part of a British government-approved shipment of 250 pieces of night-vision equipment sent to Iran in 2003.

Israeli military intelligence confirmed that one of the pieces of equipment is a Thermo-vision 1000 LR tactical night-vision system, serial No. 155010, part No. 193960, manufactured by Agema, a high-tech equipment company with branches in Bedfordshire, England, and San Diego. A spokesman for Agema in San Diego denied all knowledge of the system.

The equipment, which needed special export-license approval from the British government, was passed to the Iranians through a program run and administered by the U.N. Drug Control Program. The equipment uses infrared imaging to provide nighttime surveillance that allows the user to detect people and vehicles moving in the dark at a range of several miles.

Use of such equipment would have enabled Hezbollah to detect and record the movements of Israeli forces inside Israel, as well as its military advance into Lebanon. ...

... The equipment was found by Israeli forces in the southern Lebanese village of Mis-a-Jebel on Aug. 8, in a house belonging to a 60-year-old man whose four sons were all known to be Hezbollah fighters. The discovery was disclosed in a briefing by Lt. Col. Olivier Radowicz, an Israeli army spokesman, and later confirmed in detail by Israeli military intelligence officials, who also provided photographs of the equipment taken in the house where it was discovered.

"These are tactical night-vision systems ... given to Hezbollah by Iran. The Iranians are the 100 percent provider of all the materiel, especially intelligence materiel, to Hezbollah," Radowicz said.

The discovery of the night-vision equipment, together with sophisticated recording and monitoring devices and stashes of antitank missiles and rockets, led the Israelis to believe the five-room house was the command-and-control unit for Hezbollah in the local area, he said.

In the early phases of the Israeli ground advance against Hezbollah positions across the border region, commanders complained to their superiors that nighttime operations had been hampered by the ability of Hezbollah fighters to observe and counter the Israeli moves. In more than six days of bitter fighting around the village of Mis-a-Jebel, the Israeli army lost six soldiers, and more than 20 were injured.

"The night-vision unit was used to observe the movement of troops. It's very close to the border, so it can see Israeli troops. You can also record what you are watching. Then it is connected to computers. You can obtain a perfect intelligence picture in real time about the situation. It is then connected to firing systems or to units that are going to act in accordance with the intelligence they are receiving," Radowicz said during the briefing.

You really have to wonder what the heck the UN was thinking when they allowed these goggles to be handed out to the Iranians. Drug enforcement? Please. Iran wants as much destabilizationin the West as possible, and we have already seen what drugs can do to American streets. In the 80s, it was cocaine and crack. In the 90s it was glass and extasy. Now, we're being overrun by crystal methamphetamine on the streets. So I sincerely doubt Iran really wants anything to do with any sort of drug enforcement. It's highly probable that they may have helped in the smuggling of drugs to the West, especially in Europe where many nations have decriminalized drugs. It's much easier to control a sedated populace, and as long as people keep wrecking their heads with this sort of junk, the more looney ideas we get from places like Europe.

But enough soap-box standing, and back to the goggles themselves. This is another example of Iran's interference in the affairs of Israel. Supplying Hezbollah with such equipment, including the advanced signals intelligence equipment, shows that Iran was definitely using Hezbollah as a proxy against Israel. Who knows how long Hezbollah has had this advanced technology. And each day things like this come up, the more I see that action must be taken against Iran. The UN is useless in dealing with Iran. The US and her allies need to start supporting regime change in Iran from an internal point-of-view.

Iran's leadership needs to fall if there is to be any semblance of peace in the Middle East. They are the primary sponsors of terrorism in the Middle East, and they utilize their proxy army of Hezbollah well. In the course of thirty days, Nasrallah has basically put himself up as the de facto leader of Lebanon. The pressure he applied to the government forced Siniora's cabinet to already breach the provisions of the cease-fire. The announcement yesterday that the Lebanese army was to stand with Hezbollah is just another sign of who's really running the show in Lebanon, and it's not the government elected. It's Nasrallah. It's Hezbollah. And by default, it's Iran.

Marcie's right, and so are a number of other pundits that have predicted that this cease-fire won't last long. But we are also right in stating that we can't trust the UN to uphold their position in this cease-fire. Let's face it, the UN doesn't like Israel. Not in the way that Ahmadinejad hates the state and the people, but they definitely don't like them. Any measures taken by the UN to "help" Israel are always two-faced, at best. And they are never adhered to. With Siniora's cabinet stating, on the record, that they won't disarm Hezbollah, and Hezbollah doesn't have to depart the south, it's clear that the only thing the cease-fire did is buy time for Hezbollah to tend to its wounds, and its dwindling stockpiles.

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