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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday KeeBee Rounds

Thomas and I sat down last night, and we agreed to add this to the site. Starting today, any of the posts put up--by me--will be focused on the 101st Fighting Keyboardists. I try to do my best when it comes to highlighting these fine bloggers, but news and current events usually shove them to the back burner. If BIG news happens to break throughout the day, I will let Thomas handle that. (Unless it is something really big, like the 12th Imam comes back, world peace breaks out, a giant squid attacks the Carnival cruise ship Kathie Lee is on, or aliens invade; at which time both of us would be on said story.)

And who better to start us off on this voyage than Captain himself who points out the intellectual dishonesty at the LA Times (is there any other sort at the Times?) for slamming Mel Gibson for his drunken rant, but they let former Mayor Andrew Young off the hook for his bigoted remarks about Korean, Arab, and Jewish "mom and pop" stores.


Of course anyone out at sea would be worried about hurricanes, and Pirate's Cove is no exception. William Teach, the man at the helm of dread pirate ship there, states that there is still a debate as to whether or not hurricanes and global warming are connected. (Of course the only global warming I see is the amount of hot air emanating from the tree-huggers who would rather use emotion and hysteria to drive their point home instead of scientific fact; sort of like the conspiracy nuts talking about 9/11, and how it was an inside job.)


Six Meat Buffet brings up a story that ought to give everyone warm fuzzies on a Sunday morning, whether you are headed out to church (or like us, choose to go to a 6:30 a.m. Mass). The New York Times decided today would be a good day to run a front page, above-the-fold story in their style section of a woman who wanted to be a man, and came back as one. Yes, the Old Gray Lady has taken to running stories of transsexuals on a Sunday. (This just breaking from Heaven: God has called for a press conference this afternoon, and has requested Bill Keller to be present so he may strike the idiot editor down with a bolt of lightning.)


Angel at Woman Honor Thyself shows that there is no honor among thieves, especially if they are from the United Nations. Yes, another sex scandal has reached Kofi Annan's unsympathetic ears. And yes, it comes from the Congo again. It seems that the peacekeepers down there are making a decent living prostituting little girls for their sick and twisted games. And it is just one more example of why the United Nations is a dead organization and needs to be ended. If the United Nations really intended to help people out, then they would not allow such atrocious behavior from those who work for them. And they would not be condemning nations, like Israel, for defending herself. Oh, and they would also toss Kofi Annan out for his role in the Oil-For-Fraud-For-Dictators-For-Tyrants program that filled the pockets of all the bureaucrats and Saddam Hussein, but left little for the starving and suffering people of Iraq. Mr. President, it is time to hand the United Nations its walking papers.


Dean Esmay opens today up with a nod to Gateway Pundit in a story out of Iraq that the dinosaur media has opted not to pick up. And Dean closes his short link with this simple, but blatantly obvious statement: What a shock. It'd be nice if we had a press corps that was on our side, wouldn't it? Indeed, Mr. Esmay, it would be nice if we had an American-run press outlet that remember that A) They are Americans and we are at war (which means they should be rooting for us to win), and B) Actually understood what journalistic integrity and ethics meant. (For a tip on how NOT to run press stories, I suggest a trip here, and then read ALL the updates. )


Pam at Iraq War News has some great photos of our boys searching a glass factory, and investigating a car bombing in Baghdad. (Personally, I love the photo-bloggers covering the war; this is the sort of thing the dinosaur media should be paying attention to rather than hyping the death toll, or screaming "WE TOLD YOU SO" over the upswing in seemingly indigenous violence.) While we will agree that the violence has spiked in recent weeks, it could be curtailed if coalition forces, working in concert with Iraqi forces, would seal the border to Syria and Iran, and work a full-sweep of Iraq to remove the terrorist element there, and that goes double for Moqtada al-Sadr--perhaps the most dangerous man in Iraq right now.


Doug at Solar Flared shows us that not only are the French truly surrender monkeys, but they also cannot seem to keep their word. Yes it seems that the French are balking at sending troops to Lebanon despite their intial promise to do so. Lebanon has stated that they, nor the Lebanese military, will force Hezbollah to disarm. And Kofi Annan has announced that the United Nations peacekeeping force will not be using force to maintain the peace. In other words, the French would be sitting ducks when the shooting starts back up. (This just in: Jacques Chirac has DEMANDED that the United Nations supply the French contigent of 200 soldiers with white flags, and has already preemptively surrendered his forces to Hezbollah before even leaving port.)


Michael at Freedom and Justice has a story about Israelis forces detaining Nasser al-Shaer, the man supposedly responsible for green-lighting the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit. And using basic logic he rightly states that as Israel has yet to obtain the release of Gilad Shalit, it stands to reason that one of the Hamas leaders will be held until he is returned.


Richard at Freedom's Zone picks up where Solar Flared left off by highlighting a piece written by Jules Crittenden. In the piece, France is roughly criticized for its continued promises and completel lack of delivery. (Jihad is the Arabic word for French surrender, right? Or is that dhimmi?)


And I am going to end this round-up on a note that is sure to honk the Left off. It comes from Bookworm at Webloggin. After the foiling of Bojinka II, talk has once again turned to profiling, and the Left is up in arms that this subject is even being discussed. See, we get this. We know that our enemies fit in a certain profile. Young Muslim men between the ages of 18 and 40 have been committing attacks on the West since the early 1970s. The piece that Bookworm cites lays out a decent history of these attacks. Yet we, as a politically-correct society, refuse to offend anyone's precious sensibilities, and we absolutely refuse to take steps to ensure our safety. No, instead we still would rather frisk 80-year-old grandmothers with walkers (there may be TNT in those hollow legs), mothers holding babies (all right, you got us on that one, with this story out of Great Britian), and known congressmen. It is appalling the way that DHS is handling security at airports. The monkeys working at DHS make the French look good, and that makes us look bad.

Until next time, enjoy the KeeBees!



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