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Friday, April 01, 2005

My Eulogy To Pope John Paul II

I am 18 years old, and I am a Catholic. Pope John Paul II has been pope of my Church since I was born in 1983. As I grew up, I really didn't pay too much attention to him. One of the greatest achievements of the 20th Century--the fall of the Berlin Wall--had a number of players behind the scenes attemtpting to bring it down.

Ronald Reagan and Maggie Thatcher stared down the Soviet Empire with steely resolve. Pope John Paul II did as well. His work within the Soviet Bloc nations then was more of a risk than most imagine. I have done my studying since growing up a bit more. But there was more that Pope John Paul II did for the world than simply aid in the downfall of the largest communist regime on Earth at the time.

As a pope, he instituted changes to the Church unheard of in quite some time. He was a brilliant theologian, and his writings regarding faith, the Churhc, and Scripture are unsurpassed. He was a deeply spiritual man that created one of the most sacred devotionals known to practicing Catholics. It's called "The Divine Mercy".

He has stuck his head in the lion's mouth more than a couple of times. He has challenged not only dictators, but well-known, well-loved national leaders to strive for peace and for freedom. Freedom is a concept very near and dear to Pope John Paul II; he did his seminary work in secret in Nazi-occupied Poland. Not an easy thing to do at the time, and constantly operating under the threat of capture and imprisonment, or death. The Nazis didn't kid around.

I remember when he came to Arizona, and spoke at ASU Sun Devil stadium. I didn't get a chance to go, but I remember how much of a big deal it was that he'd even worry about a piddly state like ours. But they filled that stadium to near-standing-room-only with faithful, devout Catholics. And upon his request, the teens mnoving up towards Confirmation in the Church were right down on the field less than fifty feet from him. Pope John Paul II recognized the faith growing in Catholic teens, and did everything in his power to make sure they were heard, addressed, and spiritually satisfied.

As of now, at 11:54 p.m., AZ time, the Vatican has announced it is only a matter of hours until he passes on from one duty to another; his next one being in God's direct service. He was the first non-Italian pope in over 400 years, proving that the wisdom of the Church doesn't reside within one country. And he held his post as pontiff for 26 years. When this great man--perhaps the greatest pope for the Catholic Church in over 100 years--passes on, he will be sorely missed. I know more than a few devout Catholics, and I know they will grieve. But I also know plenty of non-practicing Catholics that will be grieving with us. He touched everyone in the Church.

Pope John Paul II, you will be missed. You will be honored. You will be grieved for, and prayers will be offered up to Heaven for you; do not be upset over this because you are loved. And when you pass on, you will pass from our love into that of the Father's. No other person could have spoken on God's behalf as well as you did. I wish you God-speed on your next journey. May your rest in peace, eternally, in the arms of the Father.



Blogger Syd And Vaughn said...


Excellent post, sweets. You nailed this one on the head. It was succinct, concise, and to the point.


2:11 AM  

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