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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Santorum's Lost His Nerves...

Thomas posted earlier today a column posted up on The Hill’s site. It was in regard to Senator Santorum, and how he is starting to get a little "wobbly" on the Constitutional Option. It seems polling data is making Santorum and other GOP leaders a bit apprehensive regarding the impending vote; a vote that Sen. Frist earlier this week said would be delivered to the Democrats doorstep next week. Now it looks as though people are getting a little weak-kneed here, and this is not good.

I must concur with Thomas that the momentum on this issue is fading for the GOP. It’s been dragged on, and on for weeks. It’s been debated, addressed, and argued for that long amongst the pundits and the talking heads. Enough is enough. Polls can be manipulated, as John Hinderocker points out on Powerline.

"Because of their control over the news media, the Democrats can often sway poll data over the short term. They have to pick their spots, but if they concentrate their fire on a particular issue, or a particular nominee, the media will fall into line and, temporarily at least, sway public opinion. But it is hard to see how that justifies backtracking on the Constitutional option, or how a delay in the vote will be helpful."

To a point, he is correct. The short term impact is nothing to be worried about. Poll numbers rise and fall with the changing of the tides, practically, and these numbers—no matter how bad they may seem—should not dissuade the GOP from forcing this issue. This must be done. If the Democrats force the GOP to back down, yet again, then they know that when Chief Justice Rehnquist ends up stepping down, they will have an advantage that they will exploit. And we will not be able to fill that vacancy. And I do not want to hear the prattle that we just need to get more Republicans in office. And he also adds this absolutely brilliant piece of wisdom.

"Success breeds success, and weakness breeds more weakness. The Republicans have been voted into the majority. The greatest danger to them is not doing something that is temporarily unpopular; the greatest danger is being perceived as too weak to enact their agenda. That danger, I am afraid, is upon us."

It seems that Mr. Hinderocker may be correct. It is not that I am worrying, but this is the last thing that needed to come out over this. Thomas posted that the GOP was losing the momentum in the PR war over this, and he was right. On the heels of this, the Democrats will be gleefully giddy over the prospect that they may have won this issue. Now is not the time to get weak.

We have the majority. What we lack are those people that have the courage of their convictions. Despite any ridicule. Despite any savage attacks. The GOP called on it’s base to give them a majority. It was granted. They have all the votes they need, but we have too many among the GOP that have always been wobbly; usually wobbling over towards the side of the Democrats. And it does not matter if this issue is won or lost. It needs to be forced, right here, right now, no excuses.

This vote will restore the Senate back to it's proper role regarding "advise and consent". It will grant these nominees their right to a straight-up majority vote. This is as it should be. But the Democrats interpretation of "advise and consent" is laughable. At best, these people are nuts. At worst, they are Constitutionally-illiterate, and therefore a danger to the people. This is not an extremist view. This is not a Christian view, despite John Kerry’s recent statements to the contrary earlier today. This is a Constitutional view of what is right, proper, and lawful.

And on the heels of this news getting out, if I were Senator Frist, I would call for the vote today. TODAY. RIGHT NOW. Force this issue right down the Democrat’s throats. Sure they are threatening to shut down the Senate, but we are 20 months and counting outside of the 2006 midterms. I seriously doubt the entire party is ready to commit political suicide by attempting a shut down the Senate. And I am even more positive that should this vote be brought up soon, the Democrats will be surprised to see a few among them defect to the Republican’s side. Remember that they are facing reelection, as well. Hit the GOP, but hit the Democrats coming up for reelection, too.

The Bunny ;)


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