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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Once Again, I Concur With My Partner

I know it will come of no surprise that my partner and I agree. This blog is not a "Siskel and Ebert" forum. We rarely disagree on political issues. And after reading his newest rant, I decided to refine it a bit.

See, he is correct. The Left despises Christianity, as a whole. Sure, much of the Left are of one denomination or another; that was never in question. It is how they react to it. Howard Dean left his church because he did not like that they disagreed with him over the appropriation of taxpayer money for bike trails. Then, he cannot even properly interpret the Book of Job. Michael Moore—clearly ticked at the outcome of the 2004 election—referred to us as living in "Jesusland". (TY for reminding me, Thomas) Bill Clinton received Catholic communion when he is not a Catholic. Chuck Schumer basically tells Christians to shut up and sit in a corner. The Left side of the blogosphere is tossing around labels like "Ayatollah bin Dobson", "Frist Jihadists", and "American Taliban".

These people are beyond unhinged at this point. They are deranged.
Let us take a look at these people and their views on people of faith. Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, and Diane Feinstein.

The conservative group's president, Tony Perkins, "stepped over the line," Mr. Schumer said. "He said it's people of faith versus Democrats."

"That is so un-American. The founding fathers put down their plows and took up muskets to combat views like that - that one faith or one view of faith should determine what our politics should be," Mr. Schumer said on the ABC News program "This Week."

"Participating in something designed to incite divisiveness and encourage contention is unacceptable," he said.

"This is a democracy, not a theocracy," Mr. Reid added.

Senator Feinstein, a Democrat of California, said senators who had opposed the nomination of a Catholic judge were called "anti-Catholic," a label she called "chilling."

"I think it's a very dangerous, extreme thing. I think there is no telling what it might launch. It's entirely false," she said of the Family Research Council's message.

George Will wrote an interesting piece involving this issue, and the comments made by Schumer. Where is the line you are speaking of Senator? People would love to know the answer to that, seeing as how there is not one clearly and concisely defined in the Constitution, so where is this line? And do not cite Justice Black’s illiterate decision that created the "separation of church and state", because it is wrong. At least his definition of it is. There is a wall, and it is a simple one. Government may not interfere with a religion, and a religion may not interfere with the government. Pretty cut and dried, yet the concept has been perverted.

As for Reid’s assertion that "this is a democracy, not a theocracy", no kidding. That you very much for the update, Mr. Pointer-out-of-the-Obvious. But I think we understood that better than you and your constituents do, and we have never tried to make this nation into a theocracy. God forbid they ever get a chance to introduce a theocracy; conservatives will be forced into burkhas. And the forum is not promoting "divisiveness", nor is it "encouraging contention". Debate is healthy for us, and that is what this is. It is a response to the illegal measures that the Democrats like Reid have taken against the president’s nominees.

And as for Feinstein’s lame-brained ideas, the FRC is not promoting any such message, nor is it encouraging any sort of "extreme" behavior. I guess if you are Senator Feinstein, someone calling your office to complain might be extreme. I have bad news for her. Conservatives are not too fond of her and her liberal ilk. The FRC is bringing it to the attention of many Americans that things are not proceeding properly in the Senate.

And as for the assertion that there is no merit to the accusations that William Pryor is not being isolated over his Catholic views, then why has he not been given his vote. For that matter, there are over ten that have not received their vote. They did not get it in President Bush’s first four years, and they still have yet to receive it. Not all of them are Catholic, but many of them are quite religious. Thomas pointed to Justice Brown as another that is faithful. But so is Justice Pickering, and so is Justice Owens. This is not just an anti-Catholic bias. This is an anti-Christian bias.

Anyone that disagrees, can you explain the actions of the ACLU over the last few years regarding Christmas, and the displays of faith in town squares? How about the singing of traditional Christmas carols at Christmas pageants? The ACLU has leveled it’s muzzle at Christians in general, and they are attempting to hide behind the law to justify their bigotry. Too bad that it is not so cut and dried in their assertions. The "separation of church and state" that I mentioned earlier was misinterpreted. A town may erect a display in their town square. To hell with the offended. Welcome to America; a representative republic that is quite democratic. Get over your offense, and move on. I do every time the ACLU even rears it’s ugly head, and says something retarded.

Not everyone can be pleased in this nation. The Left is doing it’s best to satisfy it’s displeasure with Christians. Here is a news flash for them: We are not Jesus. We are not going to simply roll over and let you crucify us. We are going to fight back. As with my firearm, you may have my cross and Bible when you pry them from my cold, dead fingers. I am someone who will not simply go away, quietly into the night.

The Bunny ;)


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