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Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Voinovich Mistake…

Ohio senator George Voinovich screwed the pooch the other day. He decided that he had reservations over the vote to send John Bolton—our new, potential UN ambassador—to the floor of the Senate, much to the giddiness of the Left. Oh yes, the "Wicked Witch of the West", Barbara Boxer was happy to see that Voinovich had the "courage to stand up and voice his concern". Yay. Wonderful. Too bad the people of Ohio don’t share her sentiments. To put it bluntly, they’re pissed.

The Democrats have laid into Bolton over two days of intense scrutiny, extremely personal questions, and has even gone as far to pull employees from his past that felt "intimidated" by him, or accused him of being "too hard" on them, or other issues. Oh please. This isn’t the Carter or Clinton administration. This is the Bush administration, and in this administration, things get done, or you’re fired. Bolton, I’m sure was as much a taskmaster as I would be. If I have people under me they had better be competent, capable, and are ready to work…or I’ll find someone else who fits that criteria.

But Voinovich wasn’t the only one who voiced "concerns". The "dynamic RINO duo" of Chafee and Hagel also stepped forward and sided with Voinovich over holding off on the Bolton vote. This is appalling folks. The RINOs, as I wrote just a couple days ago, are a cancer to the GOP. I do hope that the constituents from the respective states where these wishy-washy, spineless, butt-kissing Republicans hail from are paying attention. In 2006 and 2010, I want a "night of long knives" in the GOP. The voters will be the surgeon, taking to the ballot box with scalpel-like precision to remove them from the body politic. That’s what I want to see, and it should happen. "That includes you too, Johnny."

Little Johnny McCain is leading these RINOs, and it’s time to cut the head off of this snake. I am looking into initiating a new recall against McCain. A couple years ago the State of Arizona tried to recall him. Had we gotten the signatures needed, he would have been ordered home to face a recall election. Despite how the Left hypes this man—both politically, and in the media—and setting aside the idiots in this state that continue to put this back-stabber back in office, I think this time we might be able to do it. Just wait until the vote goes down over the Constitutional Option, and he betrays the nation when he doesn’t stand up for the Constitution. He will have cooked his own goose.

John Bolton is a good man, and is quite capable. That’s what we need when going up against the UN. And make no mistake, the UN needs to take a beating. This organization is not on the side of freedom. It’s not on the side of democracy. Under the reign of "Kofi the Corrupt", the UN has had more scandals in the last five years than it has in it’s entire existence. The Oil-For-Food scandal, raping children in the Congo, refusing to acknowledge the genocide in Rwanda and Sudan, etc. This organization doesn’t promote peace when they send "peacekeepers" into a nation. They promote discord, depravity, and domination. They’re a socialistic entity in a world where such a concept is inherently foreign. Every major mind on the subject of politics—from Machiavelli to Thomas Sowell—has stated repeatedly that tyranny over a people never works; freedom, in the end, always wins because that is innately what humans desire.

Bolton would play a no-nonsense game in the UN. Not the "my way or the highway" that the MSM and the Left are hyping. Hardly. But he won’t budge on what is right for America, and he will support our allies. Anyone else? Well, just watch and see the next time the UN tries to pull the garbage they pulled prior to the start of the GWOT. If Bolton is there, watch and see what happens when another scandal rocks the UN. He is the kind of man that isn’t going to shy away from letting America know what the UN is doing. He’s not a snitch, he’ll be an ambassador, and his job is to represent the interests of this nation in the UN.

And to all of my ideological colleagues: Quit worrying. Worrying will not help Bolton get his chance. Yes, the vote has been delayed, but Bolton is not dead yet. For the next three weeks, this PR war is going to heat up across our nightly news, and across the ‘Net. So, quit freaking out, dig in, and hold the line because this is going to be a bumpy ride. We need to take this stand. Just like we heated up the phones over the Constitutional Option, we need to do it over Bolton.

Send a message to your representatives. The Congressional switchboard is: 202-225-3121. And you can follow the link below to a page to be able to E-mail these RINO imbeciles.

We don’t waver, and that is what needs to be put to these RINOs. If they're not going to fight for him, then we will. And if that means I have to take the proverbial Louisville slugger to the Left every time they open up their incompetent yaps, then so be it. And should Bolton not be approved by the committee, and sent to the floor of the Senate to be savaged by the rest of the Left’s attack dogs, then it should send a clear message to the voters of the appropo states that it’s time to clean up your house. I know I’m working to clean up mine.

Publius II


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