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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Self-Adulating " 'But-Monkeys' "


Yes, Charles is at it again. He picked up on this wonderful story as the MSM spends a day or two patting itself on it's back.

NEW YORK - CBS News won a Peabody Award on Thursday for its report on abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, a story anchored by Dan Rather and produced by Mary Mapes, who was later fired by CBS for her role in the story about President Bush’s military service.

The George Foster Peabody awards, for broadcasting excellence in both news and entertainment, are given by the University of Georgia.
Thirty-two awards will be handed out at the ceremony May 16.

The controversy over CBS’s discredited story about Bush’s National Guard service played no part in the judges’ determination that the Abu Ghraib report on “60 Minutes II” deserved honor, said Horace Newcomb, Peabody Awards director.

“We feel that this story stood on its own merit,” Newcomb said. “It was really an important moment in television this year.”

Okay. Can someone explain something to me? America is just supposed to look the other way about a "journalist" and a news organization that claim their telling us the truth, and within 24 hours the proof is out that they lied? That weeks later--as more information poured out about the lie--evidence was showing that the story was nothing more than a partisan hit-piece; one in which it appeared that there was a level of malfeasance in the documents authenticity?

And to be awarded for a hyped-up, media-driven story doesn't help CBS's credibility. Let me give the same obligatory, complimentary disclaimer that Charles gave; it is only proper.

Yes, some abuses did occur at Abu Ghraib. Yes, one death during interrogation did occur. The troops responsible for the abuses have been prosecuted, and have either entered their time in Ft. Leavenworth, or have been dishonorably discharged. What was done there was deplorable. But it was not torture.

Torture is what the Japanese did to our troops as POWs in World War II. Torture is what our troops endured in the Hanoi Hilton. Torture was a common practice among the Nazis--especially to spies. It's bamboo-shoots up the fingernails. It's constant beatings. It's the use of physical force against a prisoner; someone specifically protected from such acts under the Geneva Convention.

At times, it's watching re-runs of the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather. LOL.

But CBS didn't cover the Abu Ghraib incident to inform the public. ANYONE with a computer could have located the investigation that had been launched in November of 2003 by the DoD. CBS picked up the story to give the president and the administration a black eye in an election year. In my opinion, both Abu Ghraib and the Bush TANG memos were interlinked stories.

Both were designed to do the most amount of damage to an administration that those behind the story disagree with. Rather and Mapes have a history of disliking the Bush family; Rather especially after being embarrassed by Bush-41 on national TV. But both stories involved the military; now--with the GWOT, and then--With Pres. Bush's military service. And I remind people that despite ALL of the numerous reports regarding Sen. Kerry's questionable service (the fact that he still has not signed his form 180 to clear up ALL the speculation), the offense was turned on a sitting president during a time of war. Deplorable.

As was the Abu Ghraib story they reported. Where as they presented some facts, the level of intellectual dishonesty in the story should have been enough for CBS to lose this award. They refused to acknowledge that the government was already investigating the incident. They refused to acknowledge that the troops in question had been transferred stateside, and were no longer at the prison at the time of the story (April, 2004).

CBS maintains the mind-set that the MSM is above all scrutiny. They did not learn from the mistakes of Dan Rather, and with this award, this will only invite further journalistic malfeasance on their part. This award is going to cause more headaches than it will solve.

The Bunny ;)


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