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Friday, December 09, 2005

And The Knives Come Out For Alito

Judge Samuel Alito is facing some serious opposition. Not just from the elected liberals, but from advocacy groups that see him as an extreme threat to the status quo of the high court. The following comes from NewsMax. (I'm not one to trust NewsMax, but they usually get the quotes right.)

Senate Democrats on Thursday called for Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito to provide them with more information about his time as a federal judge and a government lawyer, citing "questions that seem to have incomplete answers."

Can they define "incomplete answers?" Are they truly incomplete, or are they just incomplete for these jokers? This is the same tactic used by the Democrats when Chief Justice Roberts came up for his hearings. They claimed that Roberts also had "incomplete answers" and wasn't forthcoming. We saw how "forthcoming" he was in his hearings; he befuddled the liberals on the committee rto the point where poor Slow Joe Biden almost lost what was left of his collective marbles.

The White House said it was just part of a ploy leading up to Democratic senators opposing Alito, who was chosen by President Bush to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

Alito, who worked as a federal appellate judge, a federal prosecutor and a government lawyer before being nominated for the Supreme Court, submitted thousands of pages of documents to the Senate Judiciary Committee last month as part of his answers to the committee's questionnaire.

The committee asked him to provide it with copies of all of his speeches, reports and Supreme Court cases, but Democrats say Alito did not submit several speeches, memos and Supreme Court cases.

"We are aware that you worked on at least three cases which you did not list and for which you did not provide materials," Senate Judiciary Democrats said in a letter to Alito asking him to explain the discrepancy or submit the material.

Attorney/Client privilege, gentlemen; ever heard of it? I'm sure there are a few things that the Democrats won't get their hands on. Alito won't provide it, and neither will the White House. They have their documents--more than they'll ever use. Again, this is the liberal intelligencia in the Senate trying to make a nominee jump through hoops, and it's not going to work.

The eight Judiciary Democrats also say Alito did not give the committee 50 memos he wrote or supervised as deputy assistant attorney general in the Office of Legal Counsel, and did not explain why 21 of the 50 speeches he listed were missing.

The Office of Legal Counsel is part of the AG's office. Again, attorney/client privilege, which can't be violated. To do so would be a breach of legal ethics. No lawyer is stupid enough to do that; it could result in being disbarred. As for the speeches, who knows. Maybe he can't find them, or maybe the liberals lost the damn things. This is just posturing by these people. They're going to go through the haystack to find the needle to stake Alito with. They're not going to find it. If a RINO like Sen. Specter can't find it, then the Democrats aren't going to either.

The White House said Democrats came up with a strategy in July to block any nominee that Bush sent to the Senate.

"One of the tactics they outlined was to make repeated requests for documents and more information for the specific purpose of erecting a straw man that they could then knock down for the purpose of delaying the hearings," spokesman Stephen Schmidt said. "It is somewhat worrying that they may be implementing that strategy to obstruct and delay, as opposed to keeping commitments to make sure that the hearings are fair and dignified."

First of all, shame on the White House for buying the lie. You know, there are times where I admire the president and the administration, and there are other times where I think they just fell off the turnip truck. The Democrats are anything but fair and dignified, and they're not going to conduct these in hearings in such a manner. They're pulling out all the stops, and going after Alito with a vengeance. And I lay a lot of this at the feet of Sen. Specter, who decided that it would be better to let Alito wait until January for his hearings. Meanwhile, he's taking a beating in the press and from advocacy groups that absolutely hate him, and are distorting his reputation on a daily basis.

The Congressional Black Caucus also announced Thursday it would lobby the so-called Senate "Gang of 14" to oppose Alito's confirmation because of what it called his hostility to discrimination cases.

"We think these are extraordinary circumstances," said Rep. Mel Watt, D-N.C., the caucus's chair.

Right. In other words, the black caucus is throwing a temper tantrum because, unlike Justice O'Connor who believes in continuing the racist and divisive affirmative action policies, Judge Alito doesn't agree with them. Neither did Justice Thomas when he came up for his hearings, and the blacks called him an "Uncle Tom."Again, this will be a tactic of the liberals to label Alito a racist. That card has yet to be played, but I'm sure the day is close that the black caucus, or the NAACP will level that charge.

The point to this is simple: There is nothing that the liberals can grab a hold of that will stick to Alito. His decisions are sound, his philosophy is equal to that of Chief Justice Roberts, and Associate Justices Scalia and Thomas. THAT is what scares the liberals more than anything. They're not getting a moderate in exchange for a moderate. Alito an originalist, and one that isn't willing to simply roll over on the Constitution. He's going to interpret it the best he can, and based on what we've read of him thus far, he'll do better than O'Connor.

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