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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ding Dong Tookie's Dead...

Pardon me for being "cruel" or "crass" about this, but I have ZERO remorse for the passing of this worthless piece of human debria. Stanley "Tookie" Williams was put to death at 12:01 this morning, ending a 25 year wait for the victims of his brutal murders. In 1979, this man murdered a 7-Eleven store clerk and a family that owned a hotel in California. Tookie even joked about the sound the clerk made--the "gurgling" sound--after he had shot him.

Tookie never admitted to the murders, and has denied that he even took part in them. This despite witnesses at his trial that placed him at the scene, and one that identified him as the trigger man in the 7-Eleven murder. Yet, he still maintained his innocence. He only bragged about to his fellow gang mates, and other prisoners. This man showed no remorse whatsoever for his crimes. And his crimes did not end with his incarceration. He was responsible for continued violence once behind bars.

The celebrity bandwagon was full of anti-death penalty spokespeople including Snoop Dogg, Mike Farrel, Ed Asner, and Bianca Jagger; all of them arguing that he had "found God" in prison, and had reformed. None of these poor rich fools ever addressed the fact that he still maintained his innocence. None of these people ever thought of the victims to his heinous crime. They are just happy to be out in the spotlight showing that they care. (And yet each of these people will fight to maintain abortion as it is while they fight to keep a murderer alive. Kind of hypocritical, do you not think so, too?)

Gov. Schwarzenegger, to his credit despite the differences I have with him, refused the calls for clemency.

"After studying the evidence, searching the history, listening to the arguments and wrestling with the profound consequences, I could find no justification for granting clemency," Schwarzenegger said. "The facts do not justify overturning the jury's verdict or the decisions of the courts in this case."

Good for Arnie! A jury of his peers found him guilty of his crimes. The man has exhausted his appeals, and every request for a stay of execution--from the state supreme court, to the 9th "Circus" Court, to the US Supreme Court--have all been turned down. There will be no last minute stays. No last minute phone call from the governor. No nothing.

This piece of trash will die. I do not care about the "good work" he has done in teaching kids that gangs are bad, and that violence solves nothing. His "transformation" behind bars does not impress me, either. If he has truly found God, and he is sincere, then God will forgive him. But I doubt this because I doubt his sincerity.

Jesse Jackson led a march across the Golden Gate bridge this afternoon for Tookie, and the NAACP was in town to condemn the governor.

"Too often I hear the governor and many who are around him talk about his values system," said NAACP President Bruce S. Gordon. "In this particular case, those values seem to be cast aside. There is absolutely no recognition given to redemption."

To Mr. Gideon I answer: To truly have redemption, one must show remorse for their wrongdoing. Tookie has not done that, so the "road to redemption" cannot even be begun.

What is even more telling than anything was the comment made by Tookie that FOX News quoted in their updated piece.

"Me fearing what I'm facing, what possible good is it going to do for me? How is that going to benefit me?" Williams said in a recent interview. "If it's my time to be executed, what's all the ranting and raving going to do?"

If I may be so bold to answer his question, it will do you no good. A jury found you guilty of murder. You murdered four people in cold blood and you enjoyed it.The ranting and raving will do nothing for you, but the braindead celebrities can pat themselves on the back for "caring." In the meantime, the victim's families will finally have closure, and hopefully peace in their lives. In the meantime, maybe sometime during your 25 year incarceration you should have admitted your crime, and announced some level of remorse. Without that, the governor was warranted in denying you clemency. You deserved to die. Good-bye Tookie. The only people that will miss you are hypocrites that only jumped on your cause because it made them feel good about themselves.

The Bunny ;)


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