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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Greatest Moment In Cable News 2005

(Hat-Tip: The Political Pit Bull)

Earlier tonight on Brit Hume's show, FOX News picked up on an Iraqi woman who was voting with a provisional ballot here in the States for the Iraqi elections abroad. Now, I know many of us will recall the feisty grandmother we all had that was talk plus action. This woman is no different.

"Anybody who doesn't appreciate what America has done, and President Bush, let them go to hell!"

That was her message to Mother Sheehan, Michael Moore, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, John Kerry and "Howling Mad" Howard Dean, and the rest of the "Defeatocrats" for their constant criticism of the president in this war. She gets it. The 150,000-plus Iraqi security forces get it. Those that turned over "The Butcher" late last week get it. It is not a hard concept to grasp, unless you are part of that party.

We are winning, and the Iraqis are happy we are there. They are happy they have a nation that they can finally call their own. One in which they will govern, and not have governance at the point of a rifle. One in which people have their basic rights respected. One in which they may criticize their government without fear of torture or violent reprisal.

No one said it was going to be easy, but much like our intial invasion and major combat operations: no few have come so far in such a short time. The Iraqis have proven their resilience in the face of overwhelming and constant danger. Yes, these people have stated recently that their lives are better than under the thumb of Saddam Hussein's murderous regime. Do they want us to leave? The feelings are mixed.

Many would like to see the US leave, however, they also know that such a move is not beneficial right now. They understand that until the military and security forces are ready and prepared, as best as can be expected, then we are not leaving. And we are not leaving because, as far as we are concerned, the mission is not complete. (For all the "Mission Accomplished" fools out there, there's a difference.) We have not fully secured that nation. We are in the process, with the Iraqi forces taking point on several operations, but it is not completely secured.

We still have a serious terrorists element in the new, free Iraq, and it must be dealt with. Al-Zarqawi must be found, or driven from his seemingly bottomless rat-hole, and his operations in the region must be crushed. And quite frankly, I do not care where that may take us. If that means we have to chase them into Syria, Iran, or Saudi Arabia, then so be it. We will coordinate with who is cooperative, but we will not let this element slip through our fingers.

And she is right. They can go to hell. I am thoroughly revolted by the actions, protests, and rhetoric of the fifth-column in this nation attempting to knowingly and purposefully undermine the efforts of this nation--of this president--during a time of war. They know damned good and well that their little speeches, their talking points, their rhetoric will be picked up by our enemy, or their propagandists at al-Jazeera. The Mother Sheehans, and her peaceniks can shut up; they have lost their propaganda war. The antiwar Left in this nation is not nearly as tight and cohesive as it was in Vietnam. They are all over the board with a range of rants that the average American could not comprehend if their lives depended on it. They are pathetic at best, and simply idiotic at worst.

That goes for those in Congress, including those mentioned above, Jack Murtha, Barbara Boxer, Charlie Rangel, Nancy Pelosi, and any other Democrat that has tried to undermine this nation with a call for withdrawal or a draft of young men and women. We have all that we need for this mission, and they will stay until they are finished. If those on the Left cannot handle this--if there is to be some sort of post-election stress syndrome (in 2004, after John Kerry's butt-whooping, they called it PEST; in honor of the socialists they embrace, I will dub this one PEST II)--then I suggest they lie down for about a week after the Iraqi election returns.

This might be more brutal than any "Defeatocrat" defeat in recent years.

The Bunny ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said. Excellent! I refer to those people that give aid and comfort to the enemy as traitors and should be treated as such. Freedom of speech is not without boundaries or limits. They have far exceeded it. And what's worse, they know they have. Rawriter

11:27 PM  

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