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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hugh And A Trio Of Brains: Barone, Steyn, & Barnes On '06

I just finished listening to a fascinating interview that Hugh Hewitt with these three gentlemen. They are regulars on his show, just about every week, and their insight is keen when it comes to politics. The hour consisted of breaking down the House and Senate races--both federal and statewide--and determining the GOP's chances. I will be putting up my prognastications after the first of the year. I'm still busy beating on the MSM "like a bongo drum" because we're the adults, and they need a good beating. Later, after Generalissimo Duane puts up the transcript, we'll go point by point. It's going to be long, but today seems to be shaping up to be a long one. Just bear with us. This sort of information needs to be as widely distributed as possible.

But at the end of the hour, Hugh Hewitt threw a toss-out to the three of them. Basically, what should the GOP do to win in 2006? Remember a couple weeks back when I put up the platform the GOP should use?

Win The War
Cut The Taxes
Control The Spending
Confirm The Judges

That's the platform. The strategy should be just as simple. Go on the offensive. Use your opponent's votes and words against them. Show America that the Democrats, and the RINO Republicans, have obstructed the president on every level of the platform. This is the most important platform for the GOP to stand on. More of those up for reelection--Kyl, Santorum, Allen, Hatch, Hutchinson, etc.--need to point out those that aren't concerned with the above. All four issues are absolutely important to the safety, prosperity, and security of the nation, and I couldn't count the times the agenda by the president was obstructed by the Left.

Win The War is first because it's the most important. Get out in front of this retarded stories by the Times, and support the president. Counter the Left's attack with facts, with jurisprudence. Every of the legality of the president's powers during wartime has gone down in flames. This program is a tool to win the war, and keep those in this nation intent on hitting us again from succeeding, again. The Left doesn't get this concept. To them, national security is a partisan bargaining chip. To the GOP, this must be priority number one. We win, or we're effectively screwed.

Cut The Taxes comes next. We have a robust economy as it is. The latest economic numbers that have been released shows that unemployment is 5%, a reduction in the 5.7% average in the 90's. Consumer spending is steadily climbing. Economists were predicting doom just a few short months ago that spending was down. Duh. Christmas is the single largest spending holiday in the US. It's called saving. I know because I was there. I bought only the necessities for the home. We made do, and delivered a really good Christmas. The economic slow-down in 2000 and 2001 is long forgotten. We were recovering from a recession. Cut the taxes, and spurn the economy forward. Don't raise them, and stifle the consumers.

Control the Spending is a must, especially in light of the out-of-control spending that the GOP committed throughout the Bush years thus far. Get a handle on it. Quit the pork spending. They're using our money, and wasting it on self-adulating accolades back home. I understand the politician that does things for his state, but that shouldn't include a "Bridge to Nowhere" or the Country Music Hall of Fame. I like country music, but it's not the government's job to subsidize it. The argument for the bridge was the amount of jobs it would bring to Alaska. ANWaR would bring more, but the Left despises a prospect that would help us become more energy independent, and a key strategic point in ensuring that energy supply.

Confirm the Judges is a point that we, at the Asylum, can't emphasize enough. This year the public didn't hear about too many ACLU v. Christmas cases, but they were still out there. Ironically, I saw the 6th Circuit Court's recent decision ramming a stake through the ACLU. The ACLJ executed a perfectly-argued case that saved a Ten commandments monument.

The decision was issued by a three-judge panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Cincinnati. It upheld a lower-court decision that allowed Mercer County to continue displaying the Ten Commandments along with the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the words to "The Star-Spangled Banner" and other documents.

So, inroads are being made in the courts. The above decision ruled, basically, that there is no real "wall of separation between church and State." This is a good step, but we have a long road to go. Brett Kavanaugh, a longtime favorite nominee of ours, was just returned to the president. They refused to grant him his Constitutionally-mandated vote. He was passed from the Judiciary Committee to the floor of the Senate, and the Senate refused him a vote. Whoops. Try again. I don't think so. Resubmit him, and get in line behind him, and every nominee the president puts up--provided there is nothing to disqualify them. Get them confirmed.

Run this sort of platform, hit the Left where it hurts, and keep your words you'll abide by the platform, and America can deliver Pres. Bush a greater majority in his last two years in office. The same goes for the president, He, technically, will set the platform, and reinforce it when he goes out on the trail for a candidate. And yes, he'll go out on the trail. Battleground states like Pennsylvania will need the president. Sen. Santorum has a long mountain to climb. He's been consistently behind in the polls to his challenger.

It's not a hard platform, and it's not a hard sell. The majority of America believes in the above principles. These are the bedrock of conservatism. National security, economic prosperity, fiscal responsibility, and believing in the law, and it's proper interpretation are exactly that, and that's all there is to winning in 2006.

Publius II


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