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Thursday, December 22, 2005

John Kyl On What Went Wrong Yesterday

Hugh interviewed John Kyl today, and they were discussing the fiasco of yesterday in the Senate. Needless to say, Sen. Kyl was not happen. As of yesterday, we had a six month extension for the Patriot Act when the Senate adjourned. But today, the House disliked that, and changed it to one month. Now, we are back to square one.

Arm twisting ensued, and Sen. Frist caved into the Democrats demand for that six month expansion. Rep. Sensenbrenner said "no way," and dropped the other two months. The Senate must now go back and hit the Patriot Act again. We have one month. The Defense Appropriations Bill, and you can sense Sen. Kyl's distaste in the removal on the ANWR amendment, passed, as well. The senior citizens will get their heating subsidies, John McCain got his torture bill passed, and the Katrine Relief package went through.

Sen. Kyl, however, is calling for people to not get angry at the GOP, as a whole. He wants people to be focused on those that were willing to jeopardize not only our security, but the money for the troops as well simply to score political points.

When Hugh asked why the plan that Sen. Kyl outlined (which was to force a fight with the Democrats) did not go through. His answer was pointed, blunt, and matter-of-fact.

"Everyone wanted to go home."

This, my friends, is unacceptable. The two bills on the table were, perhaps, the most important bills to be looked at by the Congress. They diddled and dawdled on this. They knew damn good and well that the Patriot Act's expiration was comig up, so I question why it was not dealt with earlier than this. The Defense Bill was equally important; this is what will pay our troops and provide the needed equipment and supplies to them. Those playing the obstruction game last night did so not out of any higher questions (the "civil liberties" arguments are getting rather tiresome, as they are unfounded). They did this because they could. They knew they could brow-beat Sen. Frist and the Republicans into cutting a deal. Harry Reid reminds me more of Monty Hall than a US senator. "Let's make a deal!"

But, Sen. Kyl is right. Do not call him up and lose your temper. He was on the side willing to fight for what was needed. It was the rest of the party, for the most part, that did not want to go the route of a fight. The GOP of late seem to lack the will or the fortitude for a fight. The "compassionate conservative" game needs to go. It does not work. Every time it is played, the GOP is kicked in the teeth. It's about time to kick back.

Hugh also inquired about Judge Alito. With the Patriot Act now up for renewal next month, and the Aliot hearings also occurring then, we may have a collision that could get nasty. Sabrina posted up last night regarding Sen. Specter's boasts that he is going to ask Judge Alito about the president's wartime powers in regard to intelligence gathering. This, of course, has only come up because of the journalistic felony committed last Friday regarding the NSA program. Again, political opportunity is rearing it's ugly head, and Sen. Kyl made the emphatic point that it could come up. It would be a shame, but it could come up in the hearings. Hugh emphasized that Judge Alito should not answer, and we agree. As Sabrina pointed out, it would be a breach of legal ethics.

Sen. Kyl stayed three segments on the show, fielding questions from callers. One in particular brought up the possibility of his becoming the Majority Leader. Sen. Kyl reminded him that he did have to go through an election this year, and Sen. Frist had one year left. It was made clear that Sen. Frist had no intention of leaving the position. A new election will be held when that time comes. Sen. Kyl was not opposed to the proposition, but acting in his typical, humble way, he simply said that we would have to wait and see. Needless to say, neither Thomas or I are against this if it happens. We know Sen. Kyl, and we know he is a good man who is not afraid to fight if that is what is needed.

Hugh brought up the letter from the Justice Dept. that explains the president's powers regarding warrantless searches in respect to the NSA program. He also asked whether or not the leakers should be prosecuted. Sen. Kyl stated that yes, a crime was committed, and those that leaked the program should be prosecuted. He also fielded the question regarding the Jonathan Alter interview. Alter believes that the Plame case is more damaging than any of the leak cases that could and should be started. (Thomas will deal with Mr. Alter later this night. Keep your eyes peeled for it.) The Plame case is no case at all. However, the leaks occurring that weakens this nation's defensive and preemptive moves every time they break MUST be investigated. Those that are responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The last couple of callers had great questions. First, when will the president throw some capital on the line to push for the 60 vote majority in the Senate? Sen. Kyl pointed out that the president has done it in the past for House and Senate members, and that he believes the president will do it again this year. This would be a good move by the president, but I do not want to see him campaigning for people like Olympia Snowe, or Lincoln Chafee, or Lindsey Graham. His enemies, even those within his own party, should gain no ground, nor receive any assistance. They cannot be trusted to adhere to any deals made with the White House. Once the election is won, these people will return to the Senate, emboldened by victory, and they will return to their RINO ways.

The second question was when the president was under constant attack from the Democrats just a little while back, why was the GOP not out in front combatting the attacks? Sen. Kyl agreed that not enough of the GOP stood up to defend him. He did make the note that a few did, like Sen. Allen, himself, and Sen. Cornyn. However, he acknowledged that more needed to go out and defend the president rather than being silent. Playing the role of the three monkeys that see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil was not what the president needed. He needed his party to back him up, and he was left to twist in the wind.

All in all, a very good interview.

The Bunny ;)


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