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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Moonbats On The March Abroad

(Hat-tip: Michelle Malkin)

Today, Honk Kong police tangled with WTO protesters, and Cindy Sheehan went to "Threat Level: Red--Completely Deranged" in spain. First, to Mother Sheehan. (Just cool it; we have not beat on her recently.)

MADRID, Spain - Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan led a small protest Saturday outside the U.S. Embassy to denounce the war in Iraq.

About 100 protesters carried banners criticizing President Bush.

Sheehan, whose soldier son was killed in Iraq, called Bush a war criminal and said, "Iraq is worse than Vietnam."

Gee, I guess the loony Mother Moonbat missed the hub-bub in Iraq on Thursday.

Not surprising that she missed it. I am sure she was wearing black on that day, imagining that Iraq was worse than Vietnam even though that appears to not be the case. The Iraqis turned out in record numbers to vote for their nation's first, democratically-elected four-year parliament. But to her, I guess that her son's sacrifice was in vain on voting day. I am almost positive she did not thank God for his commitment to the mission that America embarked on. Yes, for the Left I will admit that we went into Iraq to fulfill three main goals.

#1: To disarm Saddam Hussein of any WMDs he might possess, and end his WMD programs.

#2: To cease ties to terrorism the Hussein regime had in the region.

#3: A full regime change, removing a dictator, and installing a democratically-elected constitutional-based government.

That is it in a nutshell. And we carried that out, and more. We paid with our dearest blood in the sands of Iraq. And for the Left--including Mother Moonbat--I will admit this: It was worth it. The men and women in uniform agree, America agrees, and the administration approves of the steps a fledgling government has taken. Deal with it.

Onto the Honk Kong wing-nuts, this comes from the Bangkok Post.

Riot police fired tear gas at anti-globalisation protestors this evening as violent street battles put the World Trade Organisation ministerial meeting into a state of siege.

The tear gas was fired as protestors used metal barricades to charge police lines to try to break into the convention centre where the WTO ministerial meeting is being held.

The venue was surrounded by police and rioters Saturday night, its doors locked with trade ministers from around the world inside and ranks of police outside to stop protestors forcing their way in.

A number of protestors and police officers are understood to have been injured in the clashes although there were no official figures for casualties.

After the tear gas was fired, hundreds of protestors retreated to the main Gloucester Road where they sat on the ground and chanted anti-WTO slogans.

Roads around the city centre were shut to traffic and Christmas shoppers told to stay away as police struggled to contain the violence - the worst since the WTO meeting began Tuesday...

Cross-harbour traffic and underground trains were redirected to keep people away from Wan Chai where the clashes were centred.

Hong Kong security secretary Ambrose Lee said the fact that police had until Saturday used minimum force against protestors should not be taken as a sign of weakness.

"The police are going to use robust action to deal with these kinds of illegal acts and violent acts," Lee said.

The chaotic scenes built up after a few dozen South Korean protestors began pelting police with eggs and flag poles after a 2,000-strong march from the city's Victoria Park Saturday afternoon.

Helmeted police with riot shields used pepper spray foam and high- pressure water hoses to drive back the demonstrators as the clashes escalated.

Saturday's violence was the first since the meeting's opening days on Tuesday and Wednesday when South Korean protestors clashed with police.

It was also the most widespread of any since the ministerial meeting began, confirming fears that protestors would concentrate their efforts on the end of the five-day forum.

After two days of relatively peaceful protests, police said they had been expecting thousands of demonstrators at the last two days of the meeting, attended by 6,000 delegates from 149 member states.

Some 9,000 police have been mobilized to deal with an estimated 10,000 protestors from around the world who have descended on Hong Kong for the five-day ministerial meeting.

Now, I am not a fan of globilisation, nor am I against the concept of it. We are a "world community" and our economies are interlinked with one another. However, I dislike the concept of a lack of recognizable sovereignty when it comes to the concept of globilisation. However, on the heels of this protest that turned real ugly real quick, this is not acceptable. This is the wrong way to send a message. Violence regarding almost anything never sends the right message. Protection of rights, liberties, and freedoms is one thing; rioting in an attempt to tear down an organization is not permitted.

I know that is going to upset a few people, but this is precisely what the Left in the nation would like to see out of their moonbat fringe extremists. They dislike the institution of the federal government, believeing it to be too corrupted by one side or the other. Regardless of that belief, we have a process for dealing with such things. Instead of paying half-hearted attention to the events currently expounding on this nation, maybe these people should pay closer attention to things, and become more active.

That same goes for the moonbat protesters in Hong Kong. There are ways to oppose this in their home countries. They need not resort to violence. Violence, at all costs, must be a last resort. (And no, those that know me, I am anything but a pacifist; I am controlled in the release of violence. There are places. There are times.)

This, however, was not one of them.

But this does an excellent job of showing the extremism that the Left, and it's willing, seething moonbats are capable of doing.

The Bunny ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I venture the thought that there are professional protesters that know how to attract a crowd and arouse them to violence in the name of whatever. What I'm saying, it strikes me as being a business. I'm a follower of Adam Smith, the father of economics. I doubt if any of the protesters have read him. They should. Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes are wrong. Rawriter

12:16 AM  

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