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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tomorrow Is D-Day, And The "Defeatocrats" Could Care Less

Everything is coming down to the wire. We stand in support of the Iraqi people, and have our purple fingers crossed that all goes well tomorrow without a hitch. The New York Times blew it this morning with their phony story regarding a breach of the borders with counterfeit ballots. Reuters followed up on the story, and blew it wide open. Since then, the Times has been taking hit after hit for running with a story that was nowhere near confirmed. At this point, the Left in this nation is pulling out all the stops to make election day in Iraq worse than what it will be. Of course, what else is new?

Today is a special day, and for that day, we offer a special post for our readers. Yes, Thomas is quite right. The Left is pulling out all the stops. But they cannot spin the president's speech today, and they cannot spin this phase of the war. We went into Iraq with the sole purpose of deposing a dictator who refused to comply with UN resolutions, and continued to make his fellow countrymen slaves and victims of his brutal regime. The Left, like Mr. Hiltzik who was thoroughly eviscerated by Thomas last night, would like America to believe that this was all for naught. That this was a "war for oil," or a "war of revenge." It was neither. We did this because no one else would, and the dictator's ties to terror was a threat to this nation.

But the liberals in this nation poo-poo our accomplishments. I cite the "prebuttal" remarks made this morning before the president's speech as evidence of their lack of clarity.

Victory is, in my mind, consists of doing well militarily, economical, and politically. Militarily we have not achieved success at this stage. Economically, we're certainly far from that. I think for someone who is looking for a political victory just to put another notch in your gun is not that simple. Because the way I look at it, it's a sphere of military, political, and economic. --Sen. Harry Reid

See, Sen. Reid thinks that the military has failed. And I question what war he is paying attention to. There is no defeat on the field of battle for those serving in Iraq. They are winning. They are winning every step of the way. The liberals would rather draw defeat from the number of those killed, claiming the price is too high. I ask of them, what price for freedom? Do the Iraqis think the price is too high for the thirty thousand, or so, that they have lost? They don't. They're still going forward. The speculated amount of those voting tomorrow (actually starting tonight) is over ten million people. They are braving the threats of violence from the animals hiding and waiting in that nation. If we listen to Sen. Reid, we should cut and run right now; for him, the price is too high to pay.

To say "total victory" is a very open-ended commitment. It is unlimited in terms of our presence. Total victory could take decades. I don't think the American public will accept that kind of an open-ended commitment. --Sen. Carl Levin

Sen. Levin again, like Sen. Reid, thinks that we don't have a total victory. The Iraqis will when this constitutional democracy is fully up and running after the votes are finally tallied. There is no "open-end" to this war. We are finishing the job as we speak. Marcie put it bluntly last night. "No few have come so far in such a short time." Just two short years ago (almost three) Saddam Hussein was still in charge of his nation, still terrorizing his nation, still flaunting the UN, and still giving the free world--the US specifically--the middle finger. Now, that barbaric man is behind bars and on trial, and his people have embraced freedom. They have tossed aside the past, and stood up to tell the world that they won't have anything to do with that ideology any longer. They're embracing freedom like no other nation has. They are the masters and commanders of their future, and it is a future much like Reagan saw for America; a bright shining city on a hill.

Complete victory is a slogan, not a well defined objective. I think part of what we've asked, both the caucus, collectively and many individually, is for a much more clearly defined objective that our military leaders can use to plan not only for the operations in Iraq, but over time for the force structure of our -- particularly our Army and our Marine Corps. --Sen. Harry Reid

Again, Sen. Reid does not understand. Victory--complete or otherwise--is no slogan. Were it a slogan, then the Iraqis would not be heading to the polls later to elect their four-year parliament. They would still be hiding in their homes, afraid of the boogeyman. They are no longer the frightened children they were under Saddam; they are a fledgling nation ready to take their first, real steps towards freedom. Look at how the Iraqis have gained their courage. They have stood up and volunteered to serve and protect their nation. People who wanted change in their nation have stood up and stated that they will serve the nation in the government. They have turned on the animals that try to take up residence in their cities and towns. (Remember, it was the Iraqis who turned "The Butcher" over to US and colaition forces.) The Iraqis have drawn the line in the sand against violence, terror, and tyranny.

And the president has drawn the line, as well. In four separate speeches, Pres. Bush has taken the fight back to the liberals. He wanted America to know that this war was important. That the freedom that Iraqis are about to embrace fully was important. He has called the "Defeatocrats" out, thrown down the gauntlet, and is challenging them. He's challenging them to put up or shut up. I cite his statement today below. (Emphasis ours.)

Some in Washington are calling for a rapid and complete withdrawal of our forces in Iraq. They say that our presence there is the cause for instability in Iraq, and that the answer is to set a deadline to withdraw. I disagree. I've listened carefully to all the arguments, and there are four reasons why I believe that setting an artificial deadline would be a recipe for disaster.

First, setting an artificial deadline would send the wrong message to the Iraqis. As Iraqis are risking their lives for democracy, it would tell them that America is more interested in leaving than helping them succeed, put at risk all the democratic progress they have made over the past year.

Secondly, setting an artificial deadline would send the wrong message to the enemy. It would tell them that if they wait long enough, America will cut and run. It would vindicate the terrorists' tactics of beheadings and suicide bombings and mass murder. It would embolden the terrorists and invite new attacks on America.

Third, setting an artificial deadline would send the wrong message to the region and the world. It would tell our friends and supporters that America is a weak and unreliable ally, and that when the going gets tough, America will retreat.

Finally, setting an artificial deadline would send the wrong message to the most important audience -- our troops on the front line. It would tell them that America is abandoning the mission they are risking their lives to achieve, and that the sacrifice of their comrades killed in this struggle has been in vain. I make this pledge to the families of the fallen: We will carry on the fight, we will complete their mission, and we will win.

As someone who has a loved one in harm's way, I must agree with the president on all counts, especially the final point. My brother serves in Afghanistan, and if we were to pull the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan and return home it would be spitting in the face of our forces. Why? Because they believe in the mission. They believe in what we are doing. They believe the Iraqis want their freedom. They want to walk among the free nations of this planet, independently, intentionally, and of their own accord. They have embraced what was given to them by the United States, and are thankful for it. Rep. Murtha continues to cite his faulty "facts" and "figures" that the Iraqis do not want us there. This is a flat-out lie, and one used to provoke an emotional response from the antiwar, defeatist, fifth-column Left in this nation in an effort to demoralize us in ways similar to what was done during Vietnam.

This isn't happening. They're befuddled by how their propaganda isn't being accepted by mainstream America. And the simple reason why is two-fold. First, Americans aren't willing to swallow the inventions and mendacity of the media. They are following the alternative media because that media is telling the truth about what is really happening in Iraq. People like Michael Yon, the guys at the Mudville Gazette and Blackfive are covering the efforts of our troops and the civilians over there trying to bring Iraq to the point where they can function--economically, politically, and militarily--on their own, with little or no support from her willing allies. Second, the president has made his arguments for this war, time and again, and unlike the Left, mainstream America hasn't forgotten 11 September. They have forgotten that we didn't pick this fight; it was picked for us by our enemies because of the appeasement and retreat strategy of the 1990s. Pres. Bush said enough was enough, and we took the fight to our enemies.

And in taking the fight to our enemy, we also delivered to them their worst nightmares: Freedom and democracy. Man's most natural state is that which is free. We desire freedom. And we thrive on it. Iraq is the example. We have seen what a liberated and free people are capable of when the opportunities to thirve present themselves. The Iraqis haven't squandered this chance. They have thrived on it. And they have proven that when freedom presents itself, the enemies of freedom resort to the most cowardly of tactics. No longer is the enemy able to attack coalition forces without taking heavy losses. So, that enemy has turned it's attention to the people of Iraq. Remember, these people have been threatened with death every time an election comes around. They have tossed those threats aside, and gone to the polls in droves. And little by little, the people in Iraq have understood what is at stake. It's not just our future, but theirs as well; first, foremost, and above all. They aren't wasting this opportunity. It only knocks once, and the Iraqis are opening the door.

God speed to those going to the polls, and voting for their future. They will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Publius II
The Bunny ;)
Mistress Pundit


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