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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Year In Reviews: Just A Couple Notables

I'm not big on "top five lists" or "top ten lists." I have favorites, and I'll keep between Marcie, Sabrina, and myself. But there are two notables that I highly recommend you all check out. The first is from CommonConservatie.com. This is the site Marcie and I have our regular guest column up at the beginning of every month. They put together a great "awards" ceremony for quite a bit of the nuttiness from the Left this year. Tomorrow I'll go through each one, and give my opinion. Not today though; last night was long enough for both of us. But follow the link below, and it'll take right to their awards.


The second one is someone well-known and well-respected on our site. We've linked to her many a times, and enjoy her writing, as well. Both of us out put up book reviews of her newest, and best book. The book? UNHINGED, and the author is Michelle Malkin.

She has an excellent post regarding the war on blogs, and the best media idiocy that came out swinging against bloggers this year. On her list isn't just the moonbat Left MSM, but Bret Stephens from the Wall Street Journal when he was huffing and puffing over the bloggers blowing up Eason Jordan. Read it, and check out the links she has to these stories. Believe me when I say that Marcie saw this post, and wanted to seriously comment on it. She may do so later, but for right now, read Michelle's outstanding post regarding this.

If nothing else, she shows--backed up by facts--why the MSM is dying, and bloggers are still the rising star; shining a helluva lot more brightly than the MSM's falling star, falling revenues, and dying subscribers.


Publius II


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