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Thursday, January 19, 2006

An Interview With A Good Man

Hugh Hewitt just finished a stellar interview with Francis J. Harvey, Secretary of the US Army. I was very happy to listen to this interview because my brother serves in the Army. He is a Ranger over in Afghanistan, and I just had the chance to see him on his first leave in four years this past December.

This man knows his stuff. He sees a solid vision ahead for the new, modern Army that is fast, highly-motivated, and highly-dangerous; this is evident with how our enemy is reacting to confronting our troops on the field of battle.

More to the point though, in closing, Hugh asked him about the morale of our troops. Secretary Harvey made it very clear: The morale is high. The troops know why they are there, and they are staying until this job is over. Yes, they face some depressing moments, especially when they see the MSM slamming them the way they do, or belittling thier service and accomplishments. And yes, they know there are nuts at home that dislike them for a whole host of reasons. (My father diapproved of my brother's enlistment, has banned him from coming home, and refuses to acknowledge his existence. In short, my father is an antiwar nut; hence the reason I do not live at home any longer.)

Our troops are doing their job. They do not have low morale, as Congressmen Murtha has proposed. They are going to stay until this job is done. This simply prompts me to remember one of my all-time favorite movie quotes.

"Never stop. Never stop fighting. Never stop fighting until the fight is done; here endeth the lesson."

And this is a lesson that not only our enemy has learned, but those on the Left are still learning.

The Bunny ;)


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