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Sunday, January 22, 2006

They Do "Eat" Each Other

Bill Roggio of Threats.Watch.org has a post up onhis site in regard to how the terrorists are turning on one another. I suggest a thorough reading of his piece as it's very informative in regard to the boondoggle that al Qaeda is in over in Iraq. It also explains why there's been a refocus, f sorts, on al Qaeda's part towards Afghanistan.

This is a fact we have been stating for some time now, going all the way back to when VP Cheney stated that the terrorists were in their "death throes" in Iraq. It also seems to go hand in hand with Osama's recent call for a truce. Between al Zawahiri 's boast that al Qaeda was winning, and Osama's request for a "conditional truce" one could naturally assume that something like this was actually going on in Iraq. And for the liberals out there that still think that we're the problem in Iraq, just remember this from Bill Roggio:

Ansar al-Sunnah’s decision is curious, as its goals are nearly identical to al-Qaeda: the ejection of the “occupation Armies” and the establishment of an Islamist state. There are obviously enough differences between the groups. And Ansar al-Sunnah may be keeping its distance from al-Qaeda based on the increased unpopularity of the group, and keeping the door open for future political maneuvers. The decision of the Islamic Army in Iraq is understandable, as this is a largely nationalist organization which resents al-Qaeda’s foreign leadership and slaughter of Iraqi civilians.

But the Islamic Army in Iraq hasn’t just turned down al-Qaeda’s invitation, it has, along with five other insurgent groups, including the Anbar Martyr’s Brigade and the 1920 Revolution Brigades, openly declared war against al-Qaeda,
according to Mohammed at Iraq the Model. This is a clear indication these groups have tired of al-Qaeda’s bloody tactics and recognize their goals will not be reached by opposing the government.

Mohammed wisely points out that while using militias to fight al-Qaeda is not ideal, bringing the insurgency into closer ties with the government; “Although those militant groups have a bad history of violence and terrorizing the population, the positive new changes that they are expected to coordinate their work with city councils which gives a feeling that they are not very far away from the government’s sight and that they meet with the government on the need for fighting foreign terrorists. But, this service will not be for free and the battle is going to be fierce as al-Qaeda realizes that the new enemy is very well informed this time.”

The defection of insurgent groups and Sunni support is
a continuing trend which must give Zarqawi and al-Qaeda’s high command pause. The refocus of al-Qaeda efforts towards Afghanistan becomes understandable as more information on the fractionalization of Iraqi’s insurgency is released.

Al Qaeda's woes go beyond what most people realize. The people in Iraq, our commanders and troops on the ground are all well aware of how weak al Qaeda is right now. And while they dislike the idea of the militias working with the government, there is a carrot for them in the end; peace and prosperity if they help stabilize and secure the nation. Part of that security is dealing with al Qaeda. As Bill points out, this new force against al Qaeda is very well informed as they know the land better than the al Qaeda terrorists, and are far better equipped. They move like al Qaeda does, and they strike like them. It's like watching the SEALs take on the Vietcong all over again. Only the Iraqi militias won't be the "devils with green faces,' as the SEALs were called in vietnam. They'll be called the "demons from underneath the sands."

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