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Sunday, January 22, 2006

If You Want Something Done Right...

We are covering news on the War On Terror today, and Thomas was kind enough for me to get mine typed up first. (TY Sweetie). The first one comes from Washington. The president is sending the Pakistani ambassador home with a message. It is not a pleasant one, either.

US leaders are expected to call for more intensive efforts by Pakistan to flush out Osama bin Laden in meetings with Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz here this week.

Believed hiding in northwestern Pakistan, Al-Qaeda chief bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri taunted President George W. Bush last week in new messages, glorifying the terror network's bloody actions and warning of more to come. ...

Another US concern is the jump in suicide bombings and roadside blasts inAfghanistan, attributed to an influx of foreign militants across the Pakistan border, said Strategic Forecasting Inc. (Stratfor), a private US intelligence firm.

"While Washington continues to get cooperation from Pakistan, it is always concerned about the quality of the cooperation and its longevity, if you will," said Kamran Bokhari, Stratfor's senior analyst for Middle East and South Asia.

Stratfor believes bin Laden and Zawahiri are in northwestern Pakistan.

"To the best of our understanding, our company places them somewhere in northwestern Pakistan, we don't even think they are in the tribal areas.

"How they have survived this long? Definitely, there is evidence to suggest that in certain quarters of the military and security apparatus, there are sympathisers," Bokhari said.

This is not prodding. This is not asking nicely. We--the United States--is pretty ticked at the fact that Pakistan has not taken a more pro-active role in his bin Laden and Zawahiri's death or capture. We do understand that Pres. Musharraf is in a rather tenuous position as a number of people do not like him in his country. He has survived two assassination attempts, and the tribesman on the borders that used to serve as the vanguard for Pakistan against incursions no longer work with him. Add the problems to the southeast of him with India are still touchy.

However, this war started well over four years ago, and he still has not been nabbed. Mr. Bokhari is indeed correct. This was a thought of ours for quite sometime now. Therefore, if that is the problem that we are facing in the ability to get him and his second, we are going to bypass the Pakistani government. He is an international criminal, he is our enemy, and we are simply going to stop going after him because he crosses a border. He could cross into Switzerland, and we will still kill him if given the chance.

Now, obviously, the president is going to be a bit blunt with the ambassador, however the Hellfire missiles that killed at least five, and as many a a dozen--possibly--last week in Pakistan is a clear message for Musharraf: We are done playing games, get serious or else be frozen out. We will tread gently, but our patience is wearing thin, and if Musharraf thinks the president will be blunt then he certainly does not wish to discuss the matter with the American people.

The Bunny ;)


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