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Thursday, January 19, 2006

And France Tried To Sound Tough Today

Hugh Hewitt and Little Green Footballs both brought this up today. When I read the statement, I had to rub my eyes, and reread it. Then, I grabbed thomas' glasses to see if I was reading it correctly. Indeed, I was, and I could not believe what I read.

French President Jacques Chirac has said France would be ready to use nuclear weapons against any state which launched a terrorist attack against it.

Speaking at a nuclear submarine base in north-western France, Mr Chirac said a French response “could be conventional. It could also be of another nature.”

He said France’s nuclear forces had been configured for such an event.

So, he is prepared to use nuclear weapons in retaliation to any terrorist attack, huh? Where are the antiwar Europeans protesting outside of his hall? Where is Not In My Name or Code Pink? For that matter, where is Mother Sheehan, who just finished a "whirlwind" tour of Europe, including France?

Why is it that the only nation that cannot retaliate against an attacker is the United States? Not even on 9/11 did Pres. Bush proclaim his readiness to laucn a nuclear weapon in retaliation, but Chirac--whose closest brush with terror was his knees knocking as he devated a response to rioting in his streets--is ready to use a weapon of mass destruction. I am sure that Chirac is getting plenty of pats on the back by his advisors, but the world is yawning.

Why? Because if ever there was a paper tiger in the description that Osama bin Laden stated, France is the one. How many times has the US--and the West, in general--had to bail France's bacon out of the fire?

The Bunny;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

France was attacked a while back by muslim terrorists and it couldn't stop them. I believe the terrorists were not referred to as terrorist but disadvantage or some such socialist term. I don't think Iran is impressed with France or fears it. Rawriter.

2:04 AM  

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