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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Document Analysis Begins ...

(Bumped To The Top for obvious reasons; Further reading? Scroll down. Sabrina and Thomas have already weighed in on today's events. Tonight we begin pouring over the documents released.)

The adage goes "Give me a lever big enough and I can move the world." Granted, that is a misquote of the real statement made by Archimedes: "Give me somewhere to stand and I will move the Earth." Regardless, the intention is clear, and the mission lay ahead. The documents and tapes released have already elicited the response from the blogosphere we were hoping for.

Michelle Malkin began with her own, and a call for "An Army of Translators."
John at PowerLine starts with documents regarding the Mukhabarat which reveals more than the innocuous looking synopsis presented: "This file contains document relevant to the Mukhabarat or Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS), it explains the structure of the IIS."
Omar at Iraq The Model has also begun the process.
Ace of Spades has some telling information regarding the Saddam/al Qaeda links. (Not surprising given Thomas' penchant for taking that issue head-on.)
John also has this at PowerLine from Haaretz; a soon-to-be declassified document concerning Saddam's chemical weapons threat.

Michelle called for an "army of translators." What we have is an army of highly qualified analysts who will be pouring over these documents and these tapes, and aniling the MSM and the Left to the wall over their relentless attacks against the administration over invading Iraq in Phase Two of the Global War On Terror.

The Bunny ;)

Investor's Business Daily weighs in on what was released. So has Free Republic.


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