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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Saddam Tape Update: Stephen Hayes This Morning

Mark Tayler (not Mark Jackson; I have no idea where I got "Jackson" from) subbing for Dennis Prager had Stephen Hayes on this morning, and went a bit more in depth with this issue. I'm going to go quick, so pay close attention ...

First off, there's a new revelation that shows that Joe Wilson is either incompetant, or a liar. Tapes recently translated by Bill Tierney have Saddam holding a meeting with his advisors where it is stated that Iraq had contacted Niger. No, they weren't interested subsistence farming or livestock. They were interested in uranium, and had made steps in an attempt to obtain that uranium. So, Joe Wilson has been lying about it. In fact, his testimony before Congress stated that Saddam had tried to obtain it. He switched that story when he wrote the column for the New York Times. I think it's time for Joe Wilson to come clean before America and admit his purposeful misstatements.

Second, Stephen Hayes' work was one of the things that prompted the president to make the call for the release of these documents and tapes. Two days ago I posted that the first call came in November of 2005, and it came after Rep. Hoekstra, after reading Hayes' piece, asked the president to release them. The president made that request, and since then Negroponte has dragged his feet.

As of today, the deal has been agreed to. Many of these documents and tapes will be released completely untranslated. The timetable ranges from some time this week up to two weeks from now. That means a massive dump for analysts and translators to pour over. Negroponte, working with both congressional intelligence committees will decide what is and isn't of a classified nature, and ultimately what will be released. Fine. Whatever. Just do what the president has demanded.

Hayes admitted that after the war a number of bogus documents popped up. He stated that it was difficult to assess the authenticity of those documents, and that many had to be verified through those in the Hussein regime that we had in custody. a lot of those documents were debunked quickly, and those same people helped our intel guys to discern what was valid and what wasn't.

Hayes also brought up another name today. That would be Michael Kanji. Hayes stated that Michael Kanji, a former media chief for DIA, has offered a possibility of verifying the documents. Starting back in March of 2003, and moving forward, computer scrubbers could go over the hard drives of the computers we confiscated. This will help us determine what isn't worth the paper (or monitor) it's printed on. Kanji offers up a common sense argument: They couldn't have destroyed all of it.

Hayes did warn that, obviously, there will be information released that is beneficial to our side of the debate, and those of the antiwar nutters; there is no way that all of it will be in our favor, Hayes said. But he did point out a a find in Iraq that ties Saddam to other terrorists other than al Qaeda. (Tomorrow, I'll be putting up a piece with all that I've found regarding Saddam's al Qaeda connections; I need time to compile all the notes.) In March/April of 2003 a PLO training facility was discovered in Iraq by US Marines. The facilities included a makeshift shooting range, and obstacle course, rudimentary dorms, eating hall, and showers. We knew that Saddam had been financing some of these groups in the Middle East, but as more information comes out, we see that it went beyond money, and included training.

The more information that comes out, the more the vidication for the president is built. There were WMDs in Iraq, and those were moved. That claim is backed up by General Georges Sada and Ibrahim al-Tikriti. Al-Tikriti was one of Saddam's fedayeen commanders, who concurred with the former second-in-command of Saddam's air force. The WMDs were moved. There were terrorists connections, and this is proven not only by regime members in custody, the two gentlemen I stated above, and a whole host of military reports about the camps and paraphenalia that was discovered.

The nutters need to move on. Their arguments no longer hold water. And while I'm sure Hayes is correct that some of this material will fuel the antiwar nutters, much, much more of the documents and tapes released with show that the president was right to make the move that he did. Saddam was dangerous, not only to us, but to the region, too.

Publius II


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imho, Joe Wilson is a liar and incompetent. I've said from the get go that there's a link between saddam and 9/11. I I've never doubted that saddam had WMD in one form or another. The UN gave him time to hide and move them. Rawriter

9:06 AM  

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