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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Who Gets The Credit?

Personally, I do not care who gets the credit for getting the Iraq and Afghanistan tapes and documents released. However, I have to agree with Roger L. Simon because we were driving the point home. Actually, Rep. Pete Hoekstra and his associates in the House on the Intelligence Comittee, former intelligence directors at the recent Intelligence Summit, Bill Tierney, Stephen Hayes, with a whole lot of back-up from the blogosphere.

Does Pajamas Media deserve credit for the release of the Saddam Documents?

Maybe, maybe not, but I will allow you to decide. Back in mid-February Pajamas Media went to Washington to cover the Intelligence Summit and did
video interviews with Congressman Hoekstra (chair of the House Intell Committee), former DCI Woolsey and Richard Perle, among others. In all those interviews we discussed our idea - new to all of them - that the myriad untranslated Saddam tapes and documents be released to the blogosphere for translation. The three men all, to one degree or another, liked the idea, although they were surprised by it. Today, it was announced that at the instigation of Hoekstra these documents have been released by the Pentagon for ... and this is how it was worded on the Brit Hume Show on Fox News ... for translation by the blogosphere.

UPDATE: One of the documents already translated by Iraq the Model

Do we really deserve the credit? I think we should enjoy some of it, but it was pressure from Pete Hoekstra, Stephen Hayes, Bill Tierney, and a number of other people that got them released. When the president made the call for them in November, John Negroponte refused to budge. He called for them again in February. When he refused again, people went to work. Hoekstra started talking to him to negotiate their release. Bill Tierney, translator for 12 hours of tapes, simply released what he knew because the tapes were never mark "classified." And Stephen Hayes started digging into why the tapes and documents weren't being released, and who was holding up the process.

Bloggers jumped on board, next. Colonel Austin Bay and others dove into the Harmony side of the documents; those were the one pertaining to al Qaeda specifically from Afghanistan. In a matter of weeks, the project that Negroponte had hoped would not see the light of day was starting to show cracks of daylight. In other woirds, the jig was up. Under pressure from columnists, bloggers, and government officials--both active and inactive--Negroponte relented, and released the first batch of them with the promise that more would be released soon.

This is a prime chance for the bloggers to step up, once again, and handle the dissemination of these records. We did it on John Roberts. Captain Ed has done it on the Gitmo Records. Colonel Austin Bay has done it over the Harmony program, and bloggers are starting to dive into the Iraq documents. The media could care less about these records, content to maintain the "Bush lied" phony argument. Fine with us. When push comes to shove, with these documents we are going to shove the media right over the cliff.

In closing, anyone notice the Day by Day cartoon for today? I bring it up because I believ it bears relevance to the discussion. In the second panel, Sam hits the nail on the head when she explains the thoughts of Glenn Reynolds from his new book An Army Of Davids.

"He says the MSM is in trouble because so many more qualified people--all those "Davids"--blog for fun and for free."

Mr. Reynolds is correct, and bloggers are about to show the MSM what that means, again, with the release of this information. We will begin this weekend.

The Bunny ;)


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