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Friday, April 28, 2006

A Base That Is Thoroughly Unhappy

Anyone who has been paying attention to the GOP lately knows the base isn't happy. As a matter of fact, as John Hinderaker points out some of us are pretty p****d. He has a letter from a friend of his (reprinted by John with that friend's permission) on PowerLine today. Actually, it was posted yesterday, but with the Denial Of Service attack launched this morning against the blogosphere, I was unable to find this until now. (Emphasis below is mine)

Ken, I hope you saw the Rasmussen poll...


....not too good for the team...40% support FORCIBLE deportation of illegal immigrants!!! (I doubt that is the true level of support --- but it IS a proxy for support of enforcing EMPLOYMENT laws stringently --- and AGAINST amnesty.)a decent third party candidate in '08 and you guys are TOAST....of course, it cuts against the Dems, too...but do you really want to risk it, Ken?

guys like me are REALLY pissed!!...loyal conservatives, supporters of the GOP and GWB....we feel DEEPLY betrayed over the immigration issue --- and INSULTED by the dishonesty and arrogance of the political and media elite...

...I, for one, am FULLY prepared to do whatever I can to punish those in the GOP responsible for this travesty...including, without limitation, McCain, Lindsey Graham, Martinez, Kyl, Frist (who may be coming around, it appears), Hagel and Specter (who doesn't care) and, if it were possible, GWB....

...better start to straighten up and fly right!!

Best regards.

Between Captain Ed's "Not One Dime" campaign, Glenn Reynolds leading a charge with "PorkBusters," and the bloggers who are actively involved in the political spectrum (such as those who gathered to vet the new House Majority Leader) the GOP had better wake the hell up. Hugh Hewitt has pointed out in his new book "Painting the Map Red" the GOP has some serious problems right now. The above letter cites one issue in particular that has a lot of people hopping mad. That's illegal immigration. But we can add the fiscal irresponsibility of Congress to that list, too.

The GOP needs to understand where the base is right now. I'm not nearly as "plugged in" as other people are in the blogosphere, but I do speak with a lot of people throughout the day. Guess what some staunch Republicans have to say about the mid-term elections this year?

They're not going out to vote.

They're as fed up as they can be with the GOP, and it's obvious disregard for the people who sent them to Washington; trusting them to listen to their constitutents when it came to serious matters. Now, there are a lot of us who would support the deportation of these illegals from our nation. I'm one of them. But I side on the idea that these people have broken the law, and they should be sent home. It's the only punishment applicable to the crime. But, this is an election year, and at the risk of raising the anger of these illegals (Honestly, I could give a rip about them), the politicians in DC are acting like dhimmis; not wanting to rock the boat, and they'd rather play nice.

That's all well and good, but what will their reaction be on 1 May when the illegals are holding protests around the nation, and threatening to shut down cities like Phoenix, LA, Chicago, and New York? Will they stand up then and declare that enough is enough? Will they step forward and condemn the actions of criminals in this nation? Or will they hide in their offices, and refuse to take calls and e-mails from angry CITIZENS? I'm guessing it will be the latter. Later int he day, it's almost assured that they will venture out to talk shows--be they radio or TV--and tell the nation how much they "feel our pain," and that they're doing everything they can to tend to the issue.

It's not flying with the base any more. No one buys the talking points. No one is listening to the excuses. And that's because there is no excuse for this. There is no excuse on the face of the planet that can be plausible when it comes to allowing law-breakers to stay in this nation, uaccountable for their crimes.

A couple weeks ago, we stated that this was our fault. We let this happen. Instead of heeding the warning from 20 years ago with the Reagan amnesty, we let this fester and forment into another problem; a problem in which the illegals are now demanding amnesty and normalization. The problem is that it's not our fault. And by that I mean it's not the fault of citizens. Citizens do not enforce the laws, or the borders. The government does. This is their mess, and their best idea to clean it up is to let bygones be bygones.

Now, do they have the audacity to criticize their base for wanting adherence to the laws? Do they have the guts to polish off what support is left for them. I, for one, am planning on going out to pound the pavement for John Kyl this election year. But if this is the attitude that the GOP has towards the people who gave them what they asked for--who gave them their majority control--then you reap what you sow, and a few people might be out of a job come 8 November.

Publius II


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