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Thursday, April 27, 2006

'Taint Funny MacGee: Russ Feingold Tries Comedy

With all that we had going on here last night, I completely forgot to note this. Captain Ed picked this up bright and early yesterday. It seems that Senator Feingold has decided to try a bit of comedy, as his spokesman put it, after confronted with the factual inaccuracies within the political ad.

Advisor: So Mr. President, how's our commander in chief feeling these days?

President (off-screen): Yeah, I'm fine, fine.

Advisor: Oh, you're a lot better than fine. The war's over like you said. Missions accomplished Georgie baby.

President (off screen): Huh?

Advisor: I'm sorry, that probably doesn't seem appropriate for the king of the United States. Yes I said "King." Think about it. You don't have to settle for just being President GW. The war still got everyone running scared. They'll go along with whatever you say. Forget the rules and quit treating the Constitution like it's set in stone. For starters, we should be eavesdropping on anybody who has the nerve to disagree with you - court order or not.

President (off screen): What?

Advisor: It's not domestic spying George. It's terrorist surveillance.

President (revealed as George Washington): Break the law? Ignore the Constitution? What you propose goes against the very things we stand for. As President of these United States, I would never condone that.

Feingold (voiceover): Our country hasn't stood for this kind of abuse of power for over two hundred years. Let's not stand for it now. Support the Progressive Patriots. We can fight the terrorists without breaking the law or sacrificing our freedoms. Authorized and paid for by the Progressive Patriots Fund.

Inaccuracy number one, President Washington fully endorsed the use of spying techniques during the war, and even after the war. He ordered his men to intercept and open any British correspondance during the war, including marked courier pouches. He did keep an eye on citizens while the war was going on to look for anyone who might be siding with the British against the Continental Army. And the insinuation made that President Bush is acting like a king, that George Washington would accept being a king, is pure hogwash. President Washington expressly disassociated himself with that moniker. President Bush has not done anything to even force such a comparison.

Inaccuracy number two is the insinuation that the president is trampling the Constitution with the NSA surveillance program. Senator, it is terrorist surveillance, plain and simple. We are watching our enemies. We are also watching those we believe my be sympathetic. Does that involve reading e-mails, and recording phone conversations? Yes, it does, and I see no problem with it. It is well within the confines of the law. Court precedent set in Butenko, Clay, Truong and In re: Sealed Case support the president's endeavor to protect the nation.

And no, I am not the sort of person who will "follow the law;" there is a certain logic to legal understanding. We are also not talking about the Nuremberg Laws or some V for Vendetta style government. This is the United States. The Constitution is set in stone (though some on the Supreme Court have enjoyed tinkering with it in the past).

When confronted about this, the Feingold people laughed it off, told people to take it in stride because it was meant to be a joke. I am not laughing, and neither were the people who inquired where Senator Feingold's brains went when deciding to run this ad. This was done in poor taste, and makes wild allegations that could not be proven by Senator Feingold if his life depended on it. And right now that life in question is his political life. This is a man, who like Senator McCain, envisions a president when he looks in the mirror. He fancies himself sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office someday.

But he will never make if he continues to make unfounded accusations and wild assertions that President Bush is somehow acting like a king. He is doing no such thing. And Senator Feingold's nuttiness just continues to expose how far the Left in the country is willing to go. Right up to the extent of involving a past president in a blatant, unintelligent, partisan attack on a sitting president.

The Bunny ;)


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