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Friday, April 28, 2006

HOO-YAH! A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words ...

... but the man known as "Iron Mike" needs only two. The following comes from Varifrank. "Iron Mike" shows the insurgents what this war is about, and how tough our soldiers are over in Iraq. (Please, use the link to head over to Varifrank's site, and see this picture.)

"What Burghardt saw too late was another wire leading between his legs to a third such cannon shell. A distant terrorist, probably watching through binoculars, triggered it by remote control. The explosion hurled Sargeant Burghardt’s body 10 feet into the air. His limp frame came smashing down, face first, on the roadway.

As fellow soldiers rushed toward the limp body of Sargeant Burghardt, whom they knew as “Iron Mike,” he was awake. While still in the air, he had thought “I don’t believe they got me” and was already feeling “ticked off they were able to do it.”

After hitting the ground, Burghardt was unable to feel anything from the waist down. “I was lying there thinking I didn’t want to be in a wheelchair next to my dad,” Burghardt remembered, “and for him to see me like that.”

Around his body, his fellow soldiers looked down at his shredded uniform. After the gigantic explosion, they were amazed he still had legs and was clearly alive. They quickly began cutting off what remained of his pants.

“I felt a real sharp pain and blood trickling down,” the Sargeant remembered. “Then I wiggled my toes and I thought, ‘Good, I’m in business.”

Medics arrived with a stretcher, but Burghardt had other ideas.“I decided to walk to the helicopter,” he said. “I wasn’t going to let my team-mates see me being carried away on a stretcher.”

And he wanted to send a message to the cowardly terrorist still probably watching from afar. He stood, then raised a one-fingered salute of defiance toward this bomb and all insurgents.

That picture will replace the one on our desktop as soon as I get home. That is a picture that should resonante with anyone who has family serving abroad. And for "Iron Mike?" Well, as Varifrank puts it, there is a truckload of cold beer waiting for him at home.

Good job guys!

The Bunny ;)


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