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Friday, April 07, 2006

Immigration: OUR Take On This Issue

Let me start this off by stating, for the record, that our stance on immigration is simple. Legal immigration is good; illegal immigration is bad. There, is that simple enough for the Left and the people in Congress? WE have no problem with legal immigration. We know that there is a whole host of people sitting on waiting lists in an effort to obtain citizenship in the United States. This is, after all, a land of opportunity. And we relish our international heritage; we built this nation on legal immigration. Hard work, determination, and at times, our dearest blood made this nation what it is today. Some people may see all the bad in this nation and none of the good, but we can see that. And with the good always comes the bad. The "bad" in question right now is twofold. It is the problem of illegal immigration , and Congress's inept attempt at fixing it.

The compromise, as it stands in the "speculative" stages right now, is wholly unacceptable. The tier plan being proposed completely ineffectual in the ability to truly nail down when the illegal alien entered the country. Mark Steyn's astute eye picked up on the fact that without any records, or a reluctance to dig through them, will lead the alien in question to set the date they entered the nation. This leads to a boondoggle in the proposed system as one of the tiers clearly states no punishment for violating our laws. As citizens of the United States, and residents of the state of Arizona, we have laws we must abide by daily. From speed limits to stopping at red lights. Do not steal, do not murder, etc.

Which is why we are issuing this proposal. It's a simple one, and it's one we have looked at carefully. It's a modification of a proposal I put together a couple of years ago. I alluded to it on Sunday, but did not go through the whole thing; our e-mails reminded of this glaring oversight. So, in the interests of those who cared enough to point it out, here is your request.

Part One: Obtaining Control Of The Border

To obtain control of the border, we must have control first. At present, we do not. We have limited control of it, and while the numbers seem to show some results, they are subject to interpretation. The numbers of those caught over the last couple of years has gone up, but that can only be looked at in one regard right now: The numbers of crossers are likely not to remain the same. A rise in captures can be correlated to the rise in border traffic. So, we must gain control of the border, and that comes from our side. We cannot depend on Mexico to help as Vincente Fox still maintains that these people are "immigrant workers" not illegal aliens. We obtain that control of the border with a wall. WE state "wall" because a fence provokes images of a chain link fence. No, we are looking towards something more Israeli in thought. And in addition to the wall, a significant increase in border patrol agents is needed. If we are going to control the entry points into the US, there is a lot of open field still not covered. Hi-tech coverage, as well as regular patrols, will help zip up the border.

Part Two: Knowing Who Is Here

Let's face some hard facts right now: We have no clue as to the people who have come here illegally. And I'm not just talking from south of the border. I don't care if they're from Bolivia or Belgium, Uganda or Uzbekistan; if they're here illegally, you have to abide by this next provision. Under this proposal every illegal alien in the United States would have sixty days--no longer and no shorter--to report to ICE offices in their respective metro area, and register themselves. ALL INFORMATION provided will go through the proper checks, and that includes a criminal background check. Anyone who pops a red flag is going home. Anyone who passes will be issued a new identification card. It must be unable, right now, to be counterfeited. I say "right now" because eventually there will be counterfeits. "Yankee ingenuity" is not expressly American alone. Our enemies proved that. After sixty days, the program will be closed down. The only way to obtain such an ID from that point forward will be through the normal process; this includes work visas, student visas, and the like. If someone with this new ID moves to another state, they must notify the ICE office there that they have moved. This goes to knowing where these people are, and keeping track of them. At present, that concept is near impoosible. It will be stressed to them when they obtain their IDs, and those of any children under the age of thirteen, that they must be kept on them at all times. If they are approached by police, and don't have their ID, they will be arrested. It's that simple. We need to know who is here, and they have to be able to prove it. These IDs, and the registration outlined, would do just that.

Part Three: The "Need" For "Guest-Workers"

I mock this excuse because it does not exist. Senator John McCain found this out recently when he addressed a group of union workers. Insulting, it is, and there is no excuse for it. For the people who truly want jobs--an honest day's work for an honest day's pay--they are available; so is the opportunity to get a better job through the education system. We are turning out more highly-skilled individuals which is why so many low-skilled jobs are being shipped elsewhere. If there is a need for low-skilled labor, we can put a limit on the amount of guest-workers coming over the border. There is talk of this in the proposed compromise, but it is not specified. But a limit is needed. In addition, the guest-workers will need a different ID than the one provided to people here as resident aliens; the legal classification for them. And like those resident aliens, the guest-workers will also have to carry their IDs with them at all times. But I dislike the fact that government has deemed a necessity for such workers. Union workers told John McCain that yes, they would pick lettuce for $50 an hour. A memo to John McCain, that grosses to $140,000 a year. An honest day's work for an honest day's pay adds up quickly. And it provides far more than welfare, assisted health care, low income housing, and food stamps ever will.

Part Four: Stern Enforcement Of The Laws

We're in this predicament because we were lax on following up on the laws, and enforcing the ones on the books right now. All of a sudden, Congress decides here and now we need to have this debate. Great. I applaud them, but this compromise is worse than a joke; it's a comedy of errors, and those errors could lead to another fatal mistake. I don't think we need to revisit much of 11 September to remember what complacency gives us on a silver platter. So, this go-round, we need to remain vigilant, and enforce our laws. And it starts with the punishment to those who came here illegally. They can obtain their IDs, but there should be a stiff fine for their transgression. I'm talking about one that bankrupts them, but definitely one that stings. The reason being is that we want to discourage this from happening again. I'd like the fix we do on this to stay in place, and not be left to neglect again. That is ultimately what must happen here. Anyone here illegally won't simply be given the "all is forgiven" mantra that Congress would like to hand down. Again, to go back to Mark Steyn, the people in favor of amnesty pretty much got that in this compromise, and it's wrong. Period. All one has to do is look at legal immigrants like Mel Martinez and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and see how steamed they are over illegal immigration. They went through the process. They waited, patiently, to come to America. Legal immigrants are as outraged over this issue as citizens are. We both see these utterly retarded demonstrations in southwestern states, and we shake our heads. Living in America is better than any nation on the face of the planet, and these people are spitting on the tolerance we have shown to this point.

Which is why we are at this point in the debate. Congress wants a solution. America wants a solution. Here is a solution, and it is, by far, better than what has been proposed by the senators involved in that joke of a compromise yesterday. And it fits more in line with what is necessary to truly address the problem. This does not come from "racism." We are applying this to anyone that came here from another nation illegally. It is equal in its treatment. This is not emnanating from "xenophobia" either. We do not fear these people. We only want to know who they are, where they are, and what their intentions are in the nation. This is our nation, and we have to protect it at any cost.

Again, we have no problem with legal immigration and assimilation to an immigrant's new home. We encourage that. It's what built this nation. Marcie's family, my family, and a host of other families I could cite chapter and verse on show exactly that; America is a melting pot, and one borne on the backs of immigrants. But the stipulation was always accepted that you do so legally, and you assimilate yourself to our society. That has fallen by the wayside in favor of a multiculturalistic approach to immigration. This must stop. The aversion to calling a spade a spade, and holding them accountable for their actions must end. Illegal immigration is a problem for this nation, and an all-too-real one for people like us in Arizona that see it. That's just one aspect of this, though. I don't want anyone from an enemy nation overstaying a visa or work permit because they have ulterior motives. This issue isn't just about the illegals here. It is, above all else, an issue of national security. And it's likely Congress's cavalier attitude towards this issue that has us so incensed. They aren't just playing fast and loose with the fix. They're completely disregarding their obligation to protect us. And that is the most condemnable aspect of this debate. With this compromise they've shown that they literally don't care about this as much as the people of this nation do.

The Bunny ;)
Publius II


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've said this before there are two problems: 1) illegally crossing the border and, 2) fraudulent and expired visa's. Both are a mess. The border problem should take priority. At the same time all immigrations should be out on hold for a period of five years or however it takes to find and deport the illegal. Illegal means against the law. I think a first grader understands this but most of our representative don't understand or refuse to accept it. I do not buy into the spin we need hi tech people or the illegal will do the job we won't for the pay. I would like to see legislation requiring local law enforcement to enforce all the laws or they won't see any or our tax dollars. Also the anchor baby law should be eliminated. I also don't buy into splitting the family by deporting. Stiffen the existing penalties. I have lost any faith I have in our Congress. No amnesty! Rawriter

12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

one other thing that should be included in immigration statutes is the learning of the english language....I'm sorry, but I don't feel like hiring a translator when hiring people for a job (landscaping, etc) so that the people I hire actually understand what I say without my 3 year old needing to draw them a picture.

5:38 AM  

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