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Friday, April 07, 2006

Would The GOP Care To See What It's Base Thinks?

Just a brief one. We would prefer that the post we did on an immigration plan stay up at the top all day. But I thought I might update our readers on this. PowerLineNews has a poll up on immigration. Please, by all means, go there and vote. The poll itself is unscientific, but it would provide the GOP with a good measuring stick as to where it's base lies on this issue. And these are your choices:

--Facilitating immigration by skilled, educated foreigners who want to become citizens.

--Strengthening control of our borders to prevent possible terrorists and criminals from entering illegally.

--Providing a path to citizenship for the illegal aliens who are already here.

--Cracking down on employers to prevent illegal immigrants from taking jobs and driving down the wages available to native-born Americans.

--Attracting low-wage workers through a guest worker program, to keep our economy competitive.

--Erecting a wall and stricter border controls to stop non-English speaking immigrants who are not interested in assimilating.

--Making the American Dream available to as many people from foreign countries as possible, regardless of how they come here.

--Continuing our present emphasis on permitting immigration by relatives of immigrants who are already here.

The poll is on the extreme right-hand side of the PowerLine News site. Scroll over, and please vote. A message needs to be sent to Washington, DC that the public is not happy with this so-called compromise. Make sure you give them a call.

Capitol Switchboard Number: (202) 224-3121
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee: (202) 224-2447
National Republican Senatorial Committee: (202) 675-6000

Let them know that what was proposed yesterday is anything but solid headway made on this subject. Let them know how upset you are, and how much you feel let down by them. Take this argument back to them, and let them know that they did not do a good job on this. As with everything else the base has gotten involved in, the time is right to move ahead on this. And it must be addressed before this major malfunction hits the floor of the Senate for a vote. Tell you elected senators to side with John Cornyn, and resist voting in favor of this terrible compromise.

The Bunny ;)


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