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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Iran: How History Mirrors The Present

In case you haven't heard the news, Iran claims that they have successfully enriched uranium. And while I appreciate my better half's analysis of the initial news, I disagree; the Rubicon has not been crossed yet. As a matter of fact, I concur with Hugh Hewitt's assessment of the situation.

The Rubicon was crossed in 1936 when the Allied Powers refused to stop Hitler from reoccupying the Rhineland.

And it will be crossed again if the world allows Iran to continue its development of nuclear power; a power that they will most assuredly misuse, as evidenced by their threat to wipe Israel off the map.

But all is not lost. It's not nearly as dire as Marcie portrays it. We still have a couple options left on the table, diplomatically speaking, that can be used. And, of course, we have the military option. Yes, that stays on the table regardless of the situation. The Left would prefer we forget about using the military to solve problems. But in this case, it can't be taken off the table. To do so would be suicidal for this nation.

Dealing with Iran is going to take strength, resolve, and a shade of "strategery" on our part. Right now, Iran is playing a most dangerous game of chess. If we bite too quickly, we're going to get burned. We can't wait for the globalist club in the UN to decide when Iran is a threat. They are now; right here, right now. They were told tro end all enrichment of uranium by 28 April. They haven't. Clearly. This represents an escalation on their part, and it's definitely unacceptable.

This is another attempt by Ahamdinejad to force our hand, and to see just how serious the United Nations really is. They, like Britain and France in 1936, won't act. Russia and China are extremely reluctant to touch the idea of sanctions for their favorite trade partner. We'll be left with a mess if the UN dawdles too long. We have a populace in Iran that is willing to help us fight, but they have no power right now to fight the mullahs or Ahmadinejad's forces. With the US backing them up, they have a chance.

Another thing to consider is the nuclear facilities in Iran. It is speculated by Jonathan Alter that well over 20 sites exist in Iran that are in concert with their nuclear program. At the very least, there are approximately a dozen sites, and the majority of them are underground. A strike by Israel is virtually out of the question; they don't have the munitions to penetrate the bunkers these facilities are in. We might. I don't know, but that's still another option that can't be taken off the table.

We still have plenty of time to act, but acting on Iran is the key. The world can't afford to do nothing this time around. The last thing that we need now is a man almost as bad as Hitler in possession of nuclear weapons. It's not a heart-warming idea, and that's why we need to pay close attention to this. We're not sunk; not by a long shot. But this was a shock today for many around the world. And, it seems that we were right, as were the French. We knew they were enriching uranium. And with the point made in regard to the centrifuges, it's one driven home.

I will agree with Marcie on that. They are running a crash program. It's a race to see who will get what accomplished first. Will we get the sanctions in place before Iran gets it's nuke? Or will we have to move militarily to remove the threat.

This isn't the time for the president to be worrying about his poll numbers. He took a helluva gamble in his first term by launching the invasions of two countries in our war. Can we really afford to walk away from this one? Especially when it is considerably more dangerous in comparison to the other two? I think not, and I doubt the president thinks different. I think we're on the same page with this issue. He knows how dangerous Iran is right now, and how much moreso it will be if left to it's own ends.

It's not acceptable to President Bush to allow that to come to fruition.

Publius II


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's one aspect of Iran having the bomb is seldom mention. The Iran Muslim clerics have given their blessing to the bomb. What I see is Iran having the bomb will be used to advance Islam. I believe Iran sees it self as being the world Muslim leader. In order to stop Iran, the Muslim people will have to have a religion reformation to do away with violence and the support thereof. I would not under estimate Israel and what they will do. I have no faith in the UN. My point is disarming Iran of the bomb (s) is not enough. We taught Japan and it may very well be, Iran will have to meet the same fate. We are in a holy war. Rawriter

4:21 PM  

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