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Monday, April 10, 2006

Around The Blogosphere

Zipping through the blogs this morning I came across some interesting things:

--Michelle Malkin is covering the illegal immigration rallies held over the weekend and today. She also shows that CAIR is involved with a rally or two, and that these demonstrations are anything but peaceful.

--Glenn Reynolds points to the sarcastic wit of Ann Coulter. Her new book Godless: The Church of Liberalism is due out on 6 June 2006. (For those keeping score that would be 6/6/06; neat, huh?) It makes one wonder if she had anything to do with that release date. He also points to a story involving Alan Mollohan, a West Virginia congressman who seems to be having his own bout with the culture of corruption. Like everybody else seems to be doing today, Glenn also has some immigration protest news, and like the one from Michelle, this one was anything but peaceful. And he highlights Ann Althouse who discovered that Stanley Fish has a blog. Unfortunately, it is on TimesWatch, which doesn't allow him to link to anyone, and because it's "pay first" for the Times, bloggers can't link to him. Pity. His newest post was on Justice "Nino" Scalia. Maybe, just maybe, the Times will realize what a "blog" is supposed to be, and let their fish out of the aquarium someday.

--Captain Ed has run his independent study of a Saddam document that shows Saddam was going to use his conventional assets against the US and Israel in terror attacks. He sent a document to two different translators to confirm the translation done by a "freeper" that was being downplayed by many on the Left. He also has a story about French capitulation in the face of the labor riots in France. And, he points out that the EU is doing it's best to kill the Irish wake.

--Charles Johnson also points out some immigration news when he points out that A.N.S.W.E.R. is also involved in the illegal immigration issue. And he points out that USC will be displaying the Mohammed cartoons done up in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. The Muslim student group is planning a counter-event calling for special exemptions from being ridiculed, lampooned, or otherwise made fun of. "Mommy, make the people stop laughing at the cartoons!"

--The guys at PowerLine picked up where the media left off this weekend regarding the president's power to declassify intelligence reports, and points out that the only scandal the media is whining about is the president defending himself. And John Hinderraker points toward some illegal immigration rally news of his own.

--Jack Kelly has an interesting question regarding the report of the Saudis building a wall on their border with Iraq. "Tell me again why we can't build a fence along the Mexican border?"

--Pajamas Media is also covering the illegal immigration rallies around the United States today (to which I answer this: Round them up as they have no rights as non-citizens to protest; they have no First Amendment rights whatsoever). Links galore from the "pajamahadeen." They also have news regarding the continuing genocide in Darfur that the US is waiting for "confirmation of" before proceeding further. And they also have information regarding Berlusconi's reelection bid in Italy. And they have links to the aforementioned French capitulation courtesy of Gateway Pundit.

--Andrew at Confirm Them mulls over the argument of Constitution v. Precedent. (I'll take the Constitution, thank you.) And yesterday, they posted that the ACLU got something right. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that. Read it, and trust me, it makes sense.

--And, of course, I've saved the best for last. Mary Katherine Ham weighs in on the immigration debate, and here, as well. Hugh points to the State of Ohio Blogging alliance; yes, the SOB will be key in the races of Ken Blackwell and Mike DeWine. And Hugh points out that the Gipper is alive and well in the West Virginia race as Robert Byrd's opponent, John Raese, has started to use a quote from Ronald Reagan back in 1984: "I need John Raese to help me in the United States Senate." (That comes from Hotline on Call.)

And a couple of thoughts in closing. It seems that the topic for today (no surprise here) is illegal immigration. WE set up an initial proposal regarding what should be done, and what OUR concerns are regarding this issue. The simple fact of the matter is that these illegal aliens in our nation have no right to be here, nor should any of our rights as citizens be extended to them. Now, while there are people who will grudgingly admit that an immediate deportation of all illegals is wholly unworkable (Yeah, try finding all of them) there should still be some sort of enforcement as these demonstrations and rallies continue to move forward.

Deportation isn't an option. There are simply too many to round up. And that is probably the number one reason we disliked the Senate's idea of a compromise. It didn't address the two main points that we made. We do need a wall, a fence, or some other sort of solid barrier on the southern and northern borders. As Marcie is quick to point out, and I concur, when you control the entry points into the country, you have accomplished your first goal of immigration control. The second point is that while these people are working here, and supposedly helping our economy, they are still law breakers, and there should be no slap on the wrist for these people. There should be a fair and fitting punishment for their flouting of our immigration laws. The tier system idea from the Senate is a joke, as Mark Steyn pointed out this past Thursday. Actually it's worse than a joke; it's a walking cluster-f**k. When the Senate heads back into session, I want the Republicans in the Senate to silence the moderates, such as McCain, and move forward on solid reform, and a plan for enforcement that won't simply be tossed by the wayside when the going gets too tough.

In closing, this was sort of fun. I got my two cents in, and was able to link to everyone who had a seriously relevant post today. Hmm. Sort of like the Army of Davids author himself. Might have to give this a bit of a go on busy days like today more often.

Publius II


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are supposed to be a nation of law. The illegal makes a mockery of our laws. I think deportation should be made loud and clear. Anyone deported and comes back, make it a felony. I have no objection to the tent prison. Today, I saw demonstrations by anti-America groups. CAIR has joined the aclu. Have you changed your screen name? Rawriter

11:38 PM  
Blogger Syd And Vaughn said...


We are, indeed, a nation of laws, and these laws need to be enforced. It is their lack of enforcement for 20 years that has led this nation to this point. And while the government fiddles, Rome is burning.

We are at a crossroad. Which way do we go? I join the "kids" in calling for serious, solid reform. I also call for the round-up of any illegals that are at these protests. Not only are they illegally here, but under the Constitution, their protest is illegal.

As for their screen name, no they did not change it. They cancelled their AOL account. They have walked away, and are not likely to return. However, my account is still open. Anything of serious importance, and I can pass it along if you need me to.

Mistress Pundit

12:13 AM  

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