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Monday, April 10, 2006

They Believe Canada Will Cut-And-Run

Captain's Quarters has a story up about a Taliban spokesman who claims that Canada will suffer the same "paper tiger" syndrome that the United States did in the 90s, only they will feel it now and in Afghanistan.

As MPs gather in Ottawa to discuss Canada's more combative role in southern Afghanistan, a senior Taliban official and coalition commanders painted two disparate images Sunday of where the war is headed.

In a weekend interview with The Canadian Press, insurgent spokesman Qari Yuosaf Ahmedi said the Taliban are convinced the resolve of the Canadian people is weak.

As suicide attacks and roadside blasts increase, the public will quickly grow weary, he said.

“We think that when we kill enough Canadians they will quit war and return home,” Mr. Ahmedi said in an interview, conducted through a translator, over a satellite telephone.

Given the fact troops are already deployed, Mr. Ahmedi suggested Monday's House of Commons debate as a sign of indecision among Canadians.

In addition to his fire-breathing rhetoric, the Taliban's public relations spokesman claimed that the insurgency had recruited 180 suicide bombers for operations in and around Kandahar over the next few weeks.

He said they are prepared to attack Canadians “any one else, at any place and at any time.”
But coalition commanders had a vastly different assessment, painting the Taliban as cornered, marginalized into rural pockets, struggling to raise money and find recruits.

“The reason we think the Taliban are falling apart is because the pattern of attacks we're seeing is not co-ordinated,” said Major Quentin Innis, a Canadian liaison officer with the local community.

So according to the Taliban "geniuses" Canada is no better than the United States, and will run when enough dead are piled up. Hmmm ... it does sound a lot like their strategy for us, however it seems we are not goin anywhere. Likewise, that would appear to be the case with Canada in Afghanistan. Even they recognize that these attacks are, at best, half-hearted.

Colonel Chris Vernon, of Great Britain's forces in Afghanistan had this to add:

“Various middle level leaders in Afghanistan have been removed from the circuit over the last month,” he told reporters Sunday.

“When they're asking for volunteers to come in and take those mid-level positions, there is a distinct lack of volunteers coming forward, particularly out of Pakistan.”

He also said requests by front-line Taliban for more funds and equipment have not been answered.

The critics slammed Vice President Cheney a year ago for the "last throes" comments regarding the insurgency in Iraq, but that seems to be the case there with the terrorists resorting to roadside bombs and suicide bombs. These are the only weapons the terrorists there have as they cannot stand up to the military when it is cut loose. The same thing seems to be applying in afghanistan, as well. Colonel Vernon states that demands from those on the front line are not being met, and the volunteers issue is once again at the forefront.

Zarqawi in Iraq sent a couple of notews to senior Taliban commanders about the lack of funds, and an inablity to get any new recruits in Iraq last year, and to date (as far as we know) he has received nothing from the Taliban; he is receiving some help from Iran. The issue has come down to one of resolve, and it is very apparent that we are going nowhere. Britain is going nowhere. Only minor members of the coalition (Spain, Italy, and Japan to date, I believe) have withdrawn troops from the battlefield in Iraq.

The terrorists will not win the fight in Iraq, and they will not win it in Afghanistan. The coalition is stronger than the Taliban's forces, and if Zarqawi has not learned yet that we are going nowhere, then he is obviously the wrong man to be commanding troops in Iraq. We will not cut-and-run, despite the best efforts of the Democrats. And as for Canada, with their new PM, I doubt surrender and retreat is within their strategy either.

The Bunny ;)


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