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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Another Terrorist-Loving Politician Bites The Dust

Charles Johnson spotted this happy story from from Yahoo News:

A Canadian lawmaker resigned his job as the opposition's assistant foreign affairs critic over comments last week touting dialogue with Hezbollah that sparked a furor in Ottawa.

Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj proposed during a visit to war-torn Lebanon that Canada should try to negotiate with the militant group to secure a lasting ceasefire between Hezbollah and Israel.

But Hezbollah is on Ottawa’s list of banned terror groups, thus all direct contact is prohibited.
Wrzesnewskyj called on Ottawa to soften its anti-terror legislation to facilitate talks.

“Hezbollah has a political wing. They have members of Parliament. They have two cabinet ministers. You want to encourage politicians in this military organization so that the centre of gravity shifts to them,” he was quoted as saying.

The comments sparked a backlash within his own party with fellow Liberals demanding his resignation, as well as analogies between Hezbollah and Nazis from the governing Conservatives.

Mr. Wrzesnewskyj is certainly welcome to his opinions regarding Hezbollah. But when it comes to broaching the subject of negotiating with terrorists, it is no wonder why he received such criticism, and why he is now gainfully unemployed. Yes, Hezbollah has a "political wing," but those same politicians also encouragd and supported Hezbollah's attack on Israel. Political parties do not get to speak on behalf of an entire nation, as Hezbollah basically did; the government lords over the nation and decides as a whole.

And just because Hezbollah has politicians does not mean that they are in any way a legitimate political entity. If the GOP or the democrats acted like Hezbollah, they would not be a legitimate political party, either. They would be a terrorist group. Hezbollah created its "political wing" to do three important things for the terrorists in Lebanon:

First, it gives the false sense that some within Hezbollah disagree with the militants. This is a false view because they support and endorse the militants.

Second, they serve as PR or propaganda ministers. They did a very good job of twisting the Israeli response as an act of aggression; never mind the fact they they were the aggressive party in that war. They started it. Israel defended itself. And those same people also turned Olmert's half-hearted response against him; he is facing a firestorm in Israel, and the Knesset is still debating as to what should happen to him.

Third, and most importantly, it gave them a foothold into the government. As a proxy of Iran, and by default a Syrian one, as well, Hezbollah now has a say in how things are done. That is a boon to Syria, who had been ordered to leave the country just a couple years back. So, once again, Bashir Assad has his hands in Lebanese politics.

So, if Mr. Wrzesnewskyj really thinks that Hezbollah has "reformed" its evil ways, it is a good thing he was tossed from office. Foolish people with such notions are not just dangerous to a few; their very attitude makes them a menace to the whole nation.



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