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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Iranian Follies iIn The UN

HT: Drudge Report for all three sintertwined stories

Today is D-Day for Iran, and they're thumbing their noses at the West and the UN.

A defiant Iran kept on enriching uranium in advance of the U.N. Security Council's Thursday deadline for Tehran to freeze such activity or face the threat of sanctions, U.N. and European officials said.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad urged European members of the council against resorting to sanctions, saying punishment would not dissuade his country from pursuing its disputed nuclear program.

"Sanctions cannot dissuade the Iranian nation from achieving our lofty goals of progress. So it's better for Europe to be independent (of the U.S.) in decision-making and to settle problems through negotiations," Ahmadinejad said Wednesday, according to state-run television.

I would say that the negotiations are off the table now, but I'm not the president. I can't make that call. But that is what I would do. As it stands, we're already prepping a list of sanctions against them so I fail to see the use of any sort of negotiations. Iran was given an ultimatum by the UN to end their enrichment today, or else they would be going before the UNSC for possible sanctions. They've blown off the UN, told the West to kiss its @$$, and went right on ahead with their enrichment.

And John Bolton is telling everyone that it isn't imperative to have "unanimity" on this issue.Bolton and the administration are well aware that a call for sanction will meet resistance, and probably a veto on the UNSC, from Russia and China. Neither nation is going to hold back their veto if their trade with Iran is threatened. And unless they have a fool-proof way to circumvent the possible sanctions, they will cast a veto to protect that. Likewise, sanctions could hurt their ability to gain the oil and natural gas they want from Iran, that Iran has agreed to sell them.

This isn't a matter of what is right and wrong in their eyes. To them it's all about the money. That's what matters to them. They don't feel enough of a threat from Iran to worry about such things, so they just don't care. Further, wh would Iran ever be a threat to them? They're selling them the weapons and technology they want. And this is where they are likely to get much of their nuclear research from, in addition to the remnants of the AQ Khan network from Pakistan.

And is anyone surprised at all with the way Iran is acting? We're not. We knew they wouldn't bow down to the UN. (actually, they'd probably kiss Kofi Annan's hand for all of his help in this matter). By allowing this three-ring circus to drag out, people already know that whatever the UN does it won't matter. It'll never have the teeth that it needs, and it will have enough loopholes for Iran to exploit; and those loopholes will be big enough to push Pluto through.

Israel is already on a war footing, and prepping for the seemingly inevitable fact of a pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. We should be, as well, along with our allies in the colaition against terror. A message needs to be sent to Iran--loud and clear--that they won't be enriching anymore uranium, and any site that is considered a "hot" site (a site we know is part of their nuclear weapons program) needs to be taken out. They want nuclear power for "electricity" and other "peaceful applications," then they can do without the other sites. And we also need to push for helping the dissidents in Iran to topple their regime. Experts have been harping on this point for years. They also point out that it's perhaps the only way to topple the mullahs.

Either way we look at it, this circus has come to town, and it has no intention of leaving anytime soon.

Publius II


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