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Monday, August 28, 2006

Laura Lee Speaks On Behalf Of Chrstopher Hitchens

The amazing Laura Lee Donoho is the subject of our kudos today for her defense of Christopher Hitchens' middle-finger display on Bill "the Moron" Maher's show on HBO. Thomas and I do not watch a lot of TV, so we missed this. (In our opinion, we can do without the idiot box in the home except that Thomas's extensive movie collection would be of no use to us.)

Anyway, Mr. Hitchens was a guest on Bill Maher's show, and was defending the actions of the coalition involved in this war. He was jeered by the audience (a group of hard-Left, extremist monkeys), and in frustration, he did the only thing he knew he could get away with that spoke volumes to the people watching the show, and to the audience itself.

He raised a silent middle finger to them.

And why not? We on the right try to engage the Left in a civil, hjonest, constructive debate, and all we get is elementary school antics. The name calling, the profanity, being jeered, and being shouted down. The Left has done a good job of creating an immature group of sheeple that simply follow the talking points, yet yield nothing new as they are taught not to think and reason, but rather act and react through emotion.

Laura Lee sent Dean Barnett an e-mail explaining her feelings regarding this matter. Mr. Barnett is currently guest-blogging over at Hugh Hewitt's site:

Hi Dean,

Did you hear about Chris Hitchens' performance on Bill Maher last night?

He came to the end of his patience with the frivolous studio audience's jeers and laughter at his defense of our countries foreign policy and President Bush so he delivered a middle finger salute to them.

I feel he did it for me and for my son and my brother and all the troops and families of troops who are fighting in the war against Islamic fascism. ...

...It makes me very angry to see the disconnect in this country between those who take the defense of our country seriously and those who hate President Bush so much that they are in essence condemning our country, our troops and all of us to the hell of defeat, discouragement and possible Islamist domination.

Hitchens spoke for all of us with that middle finger along with his fierce obscenities. When we engage them with logic they respond with jeers. So what else can we do with people who live in America but don't appreciate our freedom or how we actually came to have it. Hitch gets it. Our family gets it. Most of the right gets it. But we may lose this war and our whole culture of freedom because of those who purposely and cynically refuse to get it.

I applaud her for her honesty. Thomas and I are well-versed in the realm of Leftist tactics. Though many people refuse to eneter politcal chat rooms for the sheer fact that the Left in them will only spew invective, insults, and their favorite four-letter words, it is a telling way to see just how far down the rabbit hole the Left has fallen. The chat rooms crawl with the slimey, unsavory KosKiddies, the Michael Moore propaganda brigades, and the Howling Mad Howie Deaniacs. Our purpose for venturing there? Fun.

Putting us in a room like that, andturning us loose is like dropping a puppy in the middle of a bunch of thugs, and letting them kick the Hell out of it. We are the thugs, and the Left is the little puppy. And yes, we sadistically giggle when someone on the Left sits and cries or puts because someone just handed them their @$$. They pout and moan that no one likes to hear their side of the issue, and no one understands their side.

Of course not. For us to "understand them" our brains would have to be removed for us to understand or even care about the crazy garbage they do. We do not buy into conspiracy theories regarding 9/11 (their favorites are, of course, it was the Jews who did it). We crush the defense of John Kerry over his service record (and the same goes for Murtha, and even Ted Kennedy). And do not even get us started about the warped view of the world these people share; they have even gone so far to dismiss all the evidence of WMDs found in Iraq, and that is how they maintain their non-support for the war. If the facts stare them in the face too long, they take the ostrich approach.

And while some people may criticize Christopher Hitchens for what he did, we do not. It was not classless. The Left may think so but that is because he used one of their tactics against them. He took himself down to their level because honestly that is the only way to get through to them. We do not condone such action on a regular basis, but we applaud it when it comes through as loud and clear as Mr. Hitchens portrayed. And we would have been a tad bit more caustic; Bill Maher would have received an earful the moment the cameras were off, and we were alone. To say he is an @$$ is an understatement, but I do hear that the Democrats may try to use his likeness as their new mascot. Sort of a new twist on an old theme from the party of jack-asses.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yaa, poor Mr. Hitchens (sounds like a name in My Fair Lady) was all jeered up by hard left monkeys, boohoo! This would surely never happen with nice little hobbits Republicans! Damn, an other blog with teenage hosts not quite through puberty crying in there mother’s lap. Honest, constructive debate how you so well put it, is to get your ass above this “right left” political excuse of mental incompetence and diminished intellect. If you had any idea what it is to be a republican you would immediately change hobby.

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Laura Lee Donoho said...

Thanks for linking to me and for your nice comments!

11:08 AM  

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