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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The U.N. Needs To Brush Up On Its Farsi

That is my opinion after reading this post from Captain Ed based on a story from the New York Sun. No surprise from the title of the piece--"U.N. May Hold Off on Confronting Iran." Does that not just warm your hearts?

The U.N. Security Council will need until mid-September before acting on its threat to punish Iran if Tehran's leaders flout a Thursday deadline to suspend uranium enrichment as is widely expected, Britain's U.N. ambassador said Tuesday.

Ambassador Emyr Jones-Parry's prediction seemed to rule out the immediate threat of sanctions against Iran if it disregards the council's demands - spelled out in a resolution adopted this month - to suspend enrichment by Thursday. Iran has already said it would reject the deadline.

Jones-Parry said that before it can act, the Security Council will need to receive a report from the U.N. nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, on Iran's compliance with the resolution.

"Once we've had the report from the agency, had a further chance to discuss that, capitals will have a clearer view of exactly how this should be carried forward, but I would expect activity here to resume toward the middle of September," Jones-Parry said.

Another obstacle to quick action will be the language that will have to be worked out in the resolution. Russia, whose support for sanctions is essential, has publicly counseled patience with Iran - a possible signal of reluctance to go along with the U.S.

For now, most discussions are taking place in the capitals of the permanent five Security Council nations, as well as Germany. A council diplomat said diplomats in New York have discussed ideas which could be included in a new resolution but that the council was a long way from a formal meeting.

I must concur with other bloggers out there when I say "What part of No do you not understand? How about 'go to Hell?'" It is almost as though the United Nations is stuck in the same sort of mindset the Left is. They cannot believe that anyone would be unwilling to go along with them, believe them, or abide by their requests. And I wonder why? After all, the Left just wants a perfect utopia that is wholly unreachable. And the UN wants the same thing, but they want to be the Big Kahunas in the deal.

Unfortunately for them, only solid leadership will gain them any respect. Or fear for that matter. Nations like Iran are playing carefully so as to not irritate President Bush, or provoke the idea he may be a threat to the West. (TOO LATE! Hello?) But that threat has not risen to the level where the president is ready to use force. But Iran is afraid of the "new side" of the United States. No longer are they willing to let slide certain things. They were attacked by Iran and its proxies since 1979. And while they had nothing to do with 9/11 (that ANYONE, including ourselves, is aware of) they saw the reaction from a nation with ramrod straight and hard resolve. Again, an anemy of the United states made the mistake of waking the "sleeping dragon;" Japan learned the folly of such ideas in World War II. And it is quite obvious that al-Qaeda missed that lesson in history class.

Make it little, and we will go after you. Make it big, and you just brought Hell down upon you. Kill a few, and we get ticked. Kill a lot, and there is no tether to hold our anger back, and we will unleash what we have against you. Here endeth the lesson.

But that is what the United Nations basically is: "A lot of talk and a badge."
  • And that is precisely what they are showing as they continue to hem and haw over this issue. Iran's nuclear program, as long as it continues unfettered and unchecked, will continue to grow in danger and anxiety. We honestly do not know what Iran is working on. We have only minor information and supposition to support a hypothesis. And we have their rhetoric to back up those allegations.

    There used to be a fatwa forbidding the possession or use of nuclear weapons by Islamic nations. That fatwa is no more, and has been replaced by one that condones their use. President Ahmadinejad has stated--often and repeatedly--that he will "wipe Israel off the map" once Iran has nuclear weapons; this coming from a man who continues to tell the world that Iran has no weapon ambitions with their nuclear program. They do have these desires, and we feel that they are working on weaponizing their nuclear technology. We want sanctions, and we want them watched.

    The United Nations seems to miss this idea. Lord knows why, unless they have a level of masochism that people are unaware of, and they would enjoy being ground zero of a nuke strike because of their dawdling.The United Nations had better locate its backbone, and soon. If they do not, certain nations of the world will be forced to act unilaterally again. And honestly, I am not in the mood to listen to another three years of whining from the United Nations because they were bypassed, and disrespected by other nations. Well, if they would act instead of talking, more might be accomplished.



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