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Thursday, August 31, 2006

More On Khatemi's Visit

Late last night/early this morning, Marcie put up this post regarding the arrival of Mohammed Khatemi here in the US. He is meeting with former President Carter to "discuss issues facing the world" right now, and he is speaking at Harvard. Now, I don't think I have to reinforce this, but I'm going to anyway:

Marcie stated last night that the Asylum stands wholly opposed to this move by State to grant this man a visa for a visit. He shouldn't be allowed into the US under any reason. Iran is an enemy of the United States, and has been so for almost thirty years.

But some genius at State decided that it wouldn't be so bad to allow him the visa. (And I hope he was handed a pink slip the following day for this brialliantly stupid idea.) Charles Johnson highlighted both stories on his site. But now he adds this little nugget to Khatemi's visit:

Because of many requests from students nationwide, CAIR is offering a limited number of half-price student tickets for the September 8 dinner with former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami at the Marriott Crystal Gateway in Arlington, Va.

WHAT: CAIR Hosts Dinner for Former President of Iran
WHEN: Friday, September 8, 2006, 7-9 p.m.
WHERE: Marriott Crystal Gateway, 1700 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, Va.
COST: Student ticket for dinner only: $125 per person (with current student ID)
CONTACT: RSVP by Tuesday, September 5, 2006, by calling 202-488-8787, or e-mailing: irahman@cair.com

CAIR is sponsoring the event, and Harvard students get a discount. Isn't that lovely? I'm getting the warm fuzzies right now (which usually lead me to vomit sometime soon). This idea is asinine. He should be stopped when he arrives, and put back on the next plane home. We don't allow enemies of this nation to set foot on our soil. We didn't let Hitler or his cronies into the US during World War II. We didn't let the Kaiser come over here during World War I. We didn't have a sit down with Kim Il-sung during the Korean War, and we sure as Hell didn't allow Mao a visa to discuss China's expansion into Korea and North Vietnam.

And I know that may people had given Yasser Arafat the respect of a statesmen (another fact that makes me sick), including Bill Clinton. These people weren't friends of the United States. They were enemies. And, aside form the lame-brained idea of allowing Arafat into the nation, none of the others were. Hell, we don't even let Castro come here. So why in the Hell are we doing this now. If we don't negotiate with terrorists, or sponsors of terrorists, then why are we allowing Khatemi entry into the US, and why are we negotiating with the largest sponsor of terro in the world?

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