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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ahmadinejad At The UN

Ahem. Let me just start by saying I didn't want him here. I warned people of the folly of allowing him to come over here. Now, we're reaping what we have sown. This nation allowed President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to come over here and address the UN. Nevermind the idiocy of the decision, he came here. And he ate up close to forty-five minutes of airtime on C-Span 2. If we can find a transcript of his address, we will link it right here.

Our readers have to understand that for the past several months, we have been shouting about Iran, and the world still seems to be oblivious. Today felt like the 30's all over again. His words painted an eloquent picture. And gone are the ideas that this man is a nut. He is a shrewd and cagey individual that strives to create an atmosphere that he is a peaceful man.

But his address today was a virtual mirror of Mein Kampf. He lashed out at the Jews, calling them oppressors, and blamed much of Lebanon's problems on the Israelis. He took swipes at the US, by accusing ous of being "occupiers" in Iraq. And, just like the anti-Semitic blame the worlds ills on Jews, Ahmadinejad proclaimed us to be the cause. We held back the Security Council from calling for a cease-fire. The US is driving the Security Council in the direction of sanctions against Iran despite being "open with the IAEA."

In an interview AFTER his address with Hugh Hewitt and Yoni Tidi. Yoni said "I'm terrified, and I've never used that word." And the reactions from other listeners, who like myself, listened to his address over the radio (Marcie watched it on C-Span, and asked me if we could classify this man as the AntiChrist) were similar to my reaction and Marcie's reaction.

This man positively dripping with evil. This man right now is close to being the next Hitler, but his strides show that he could be much, much worse. And after listening to his address, I had shivers running down my back. What will give us all shivers will be how the reaction is on the Left tonight and tomorrow morning. A caller to Hugh's show warned him not to read anything into the address that wasn't there. That's the Left, folks.

And what should scare everyone is that this is the general attitude of the world right now, too. They are going to take his words at face value, if they even listened at all. He will be embraced and praised by others in the world. Today France backed off of its stance regarding Iran's enrichment suspension prior to the talks. They have relented and said that they don't have to, now. And I'm afraid that this is a reaction will be seeing more frequently from the international community.

In his closing, Ahmadinejad issued two statements. One was basically a "nyah, nyah, nyah" to the US. According to him, we're too stretched. We're too engaged elsewhere. We're close to the bomb and you won't be able to do anything about when we do get it. We were worried that the time would come soon. We had warned this for months that we were running out of time.

Correction, we have run out of time. It's decision time. We need concensus on Iran, right now; amongst us and our allies because we can't capitulate to these people. It is time to act on Iran before we run out of the precious seconds remaining before he gets his weapon, and the world begins to suffer from it.

Publius II


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