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Friday, September 22, 2006

Citgo Is A No-Go: Boycott Chavez's Gas Stations

Lunchtime at the Asylum, and I have just enough time for a quickie post. Captain Ed and others (like Michelle Malkin and Mark Tapscott) have begun a boycott of Citgo.

This isn't a boycott about high gas prices, or any sort of gouging. No, this boycott is because we had a nutter from Venezuala in this nation yesterday referring to the president as "El Diablo," or the devil. He slammed the Hell out of the president. I have a problem with that. Marcie's got a problem with it. Even Charlie Rangel had a problem with it! There is no cause for what he said, and no excuse for it either.

So, to send the message to the rotund little dictator who thought he could, hit him in the pocketbook. Quit buying Citgo gas. Mark Tapscott has a list of all the American owned gas stations here. Buy from them. Put the money in our economy, not theirs.

Publius II


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