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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The "Eyes" Have It

Bloggers have been pushing for months for a federal database regarding Congressonal spending. Such legislation has been stalled repeatedly, including last minute efforts today to "hold" the bill, but the Senate has voted on the Coburn/Obama bill, AKA S2590. The bill passed unanimously.

Hat-Tip: Captain Ed

Tonight I’m proud to report that the Senate unanimously passed S. 2590, the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006.

The passage of this legislation is a triumph for transparency in government, for fiscal discipline, and for the bipartisan citizen journalism of the blogosphere.

Without the efforts of ordinary Americans empowered by the Internet, including many hardworking members of the iFrist Volunteers, this legislation might easily have been successfully obstructed. Instead, the unprecedented synergy between online grassroots activists and Senate leadership provides a new model for participatory democracy in action.

I look forward to reconciling S. 2590 with its counterpart in the House and delivering this deserving legislation to the desk of President Bush for his signature.

It is about time that this passed. For too long, Congress has gone without the oversight of the main rail of American politics. The people. Before, citizens would have to dig through record after record in dusty old bins, or read about the goings on of Congress in books. Now, with this bill passing, and hopefully in the House as well, Americans can keep a much closer on their elected representatives. They can see who is and is not working for them. Especially when it comes to spending.

And while we celebrate this as a defeat for the Left, we know that this has repercussions on our side of the aisle, too. But that is seriously needed. This party has forgotten the idea of an empowered citizen free of government intereference. Part of that comes from the tax burden they carry. If Congress cannot explain to the people why their money is sbeing spent on certain projects, the people will have the ability to speak out. Accountability--the check on the whole federal system--is back where it belongs. In the hands of the people.

In an empowered generation, such as we see today, there is no excuse why people will not be more aware of their elected representatives decisions while in Washington. This will hep the people hold some of the more unwise representatives accountable for their actions. This was an important vote, and I am happy to see that despite the petty political games, it has reached its just and due vote. This is a win for the people, and those in Congress who actively campaigned for its passing should be recognized. Sen. Bill Frist is one of those people who recognized a need for transparency in what the federal government does.



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