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Friday, September 01, 2006

Lunch Time Antics From Kooky Kofi

Charles Johnson is right. Kofi has officially jumped the shark. In this AP story Kooky Uncle Kofi is praising Syria for agreeing to help the Lebanese Army end the weapons coming to Hezbollah.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Friday that Syria has pledged to step up border patrols and work with the Lebanese army to stop the flow of weapons to Hezbollah.

Annan also said that he had asked Syrian President Bashar Assad to use his nation’s influence to help win the release of three Israeli soldiers held by Lebanese and Palestinian militants allied with Damascus.

According to Annan, Assad said at a meeting in Damascus that Syria will boost the number of its guards along the Lebanon-Syria border and establish joint patrols with the Lebanese army “where possible.”

Israel has insisted that the international force be stationed along the Syrian frontier, although Assad has warned that such a presence would be considered “hostile.”

Annan said Assad restated “Syria’s objection to the presence of foreign forces along the Lebanese-Syrian borders.”

Kofi Annan is either an idiot, a dupe, or a willing pawn in this little charade going on in the Middle East. Bashir Assad has stated that he dislikes the international force going to Lebanon, but it's going there regardless of what he says. And I find it amusing that Kofi annan would take the word of Bashir Assad after what he knows about the man. It was the special investigation by the UN that pointed to Assad being complicit in the assassination of Rafik Hariri. Which brings me to another question.

Does Kofi enjoy speaking with murder suspects?

This is as laughable as ever, and the media and the UN are making this out to be something that isn't true. The coordinated partrols between Syrian and Lebanese forces will only ensure quicker transportation of those weapons into Hezbollah's hands. Has everyone forgotten that fact that an internal order through the Lebanese military instructs the military to coordinate and assist Hezbollah?

Kooky Uncle Kofi can spin this any way he chooses, but in the end the facts will speak louder than his boasts. Syria will continue to funnel weapons to Hezbollah, with or without the assistance of the Lebanese military. The Lebanese won't be stopping these shipments because to do so constitutes a form of "disarmament," which the Lebanese government has said the army won't do. And within a matter of months, Israel will be forced to reengage Hezbollah when it has finished rearming itself. This cease-fire will not last, and the interantional force there will end up being caught in the cross-fire.

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