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Monday, October 02, 2006

An Amusing Thought This Election Season

And this thought comes to me while I sit here on a lazy Monday. I've been reading the polls over the last few days, and I see why a few in the GOP base are looking depressed. They see that Casey is leading Santorum in Pennsylvania by 9 points. They see that Tester's leading Burns in Montana by 7 points. And woe are the plans of a GOP controlled Congress come Novermber 8th, right? Is that what I'm seeing?

Pardon me for having this amusing thought, but I wonder what those pollsters might say on the 8th is theiy're wrong. What spin will they put on it? What sort of excuse will they offer the public that could account for them being so wrong? Will we get to see a repeat performance of James Carville wearing the trash can on election night?

The midterms in 2002 were shaping up much the same way that these midterms are. Democrats were out to an early lead in many of the pre-election polls. But in the end the only poll that mattered was the one that the voters exercised their rights at. Are we worried about the election? Not really. It's more like being mildly concerned, especially after the Foley Fiasco. The Democrats now have their talking point. It's taken them the better part of a year to come up with it. They're going to point the fingers at the GOP as a corrupt party, whose morals lie in a toilet. Yeah, we've heard this one before, and I'm not even going to waste the keystrokes combatting the lies. I'm not even going to dive into the corruption amongst the Democrats.

No, I'd rather focus on their baldly-transparent actions of late. They don't like the president. This much is evident as they attack him day in and day out. They don't like this war, which they also attack everyday. They attack the tactics and the troops, they hype the body counts, they loathe the Patriot Act, and they love to grab a hold of leaked information from reports like the NIE, and spin what it actually says. Last week, these people were ticked that the new detainee bill prevented terrorists from utilizing American citizens' rights.

The prognosticators can point at every little detail that they see, and proclaim that it's all over, and the GOP is done like dinner. What I see is an election coming up where the ultimate question at the polls this November: Which party will you vote for? The ones that whine and complain, and present no solutions and offer no ideas. Or, are we going to choose the party that does have ideas, that does have solutions, and is willing to hold those int heir party accountable for their actions? (Remember, Cunningham and Foley are gone, unlike Jefferson from Louisiana who still holds his seat and his chairs in committee despite being under an FBI investigation for bribery; the same charge that Duke Cunningham faced.) I know what our decision will be in the end. We make no attempt to cover our party affiliations and loyalties.

But it will still be amusing come Novermber 8th if all the pollsters are wrong, and the GOP is still in control of both Houses. What excuse will be given then, and will people finally realize that these polls aren't worth the paper they're printed on?

Sabrina McKinney


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