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Welcome to the Asylum. This is a site devoted to politics and current events in America, and around the globe. The THREE lunatics posting here are unabashed conservatives that go after the liberal lies and deceit prevalent in the debate of the day. We'd like to add that the views expressed here do not reflect the views of other inmates, nor were any inmates harmed in the creation of this site.

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Who are we? We're a married couple who has a passion for politics and current events. That's what this site is about. If you read us, you know what we stand for.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Couple Of Notes For Our Readers

Blogging here will be light for today and tomorrow. It is the 31st and we do have plans, but more importantly we are working on our review of Mark Steyn's book, America Alone now that we are both finished with it. (You can order it here and we encourage our readers to PLEASE get this book and read it. You will see why with our review.)

This is one of those days where any current events blogging is likely to come this afternoon, so check back then. But our focus of the day will be that review, and we are hoping to have it up tomorrow.



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