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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Harold Ford, Jr--Desperate For Attention

Good day to you, dear readers. Yes, I'm back. I was offered a chance at easing my way back into the groove of things by picking up Sundays for the kids to give them some time off to be together. That's fine with me. I enjoyed my last go-round here, and I'll do anything to help them out. So, if it was your e-mails concerning my work that brought me back, thank you very much. If it wasn't, well, why the H*ll not? Just kidding.

Someone who doesn't seem to be kidding is Harold Ford, Jr. He's running against Bob Corker in Tennessee for Bill Frist's soon-to-be-vacant Senate seat. This race has had a lot of mudslinging on both sides. But on Friday, Harold Ford, Jr. took the cake. Ian over at Hot Air has the video of a very desperate Ford as he crashes a Corker press conference. This was an unprecedented move by a candidate running for office. WMCTV has the story, but watch the video that Ian has. It shows everyone that Ford has no clue about the protocol when it comes to an election, and best of all, Ford realizes it during the confrontation with Corker and the press. To be blunt, the press even questions him as to why he's there.

Harold Ford Jr. showed up uninvited at a campaign event for rival Republican Bob Corker at a private charter airstrip in Memphis this morning. Corker had scheduled the media event earlier this week.

News reporters were surprised when Ford's tour bus pulled up at the event and, apparently staff at Wilson Air were surprised as well, as they tried to steer media inside the property for the Corker news conference.

"You need to get this bus off our premises please. Right now," said one Wilson Air staffer.

Corker instead, opted to come out and talk with Ford directly while the cameras were rolling. What followed was a tense confrontation between the two, caught on tape.

The two shook hands, but there was nothing civil about it. "I came to talk about ethics. And I have a press conference," Corker told Ford. "And I think that it's a true sign of desperation and that you would pull your bus up when I'm having a press conference."

"As a matter of fact, this is my press conference not yours, okay?" Corker told Ford.

Ford says Corker is desperate and he points to a recent critical campaign commercial as evidence. In the ad, an actor says, "Has Jr. ever had a job outside of politics? The Ford family business is politics. But he does look good on T.V."

Ford tried to debate Corker on the spot, but Corker didn't take the bait.

"Tell me what do you think about this Iraq thing?" Ford asked. "I know you're here to talk about my family." Corker replied, "No, no. I'm here to talk about you."

Ford insists showing up at Corker's news conference was not a breach of campaign etiquette, nor - he says - was it a desperate move. "Every poll in the country shows us running ahead, every poll in the state demonstrates that," he said.

And every poll seems to show Democrats winning around the country, but I see a lot of people who aren't too happy with that party right now. They don't like how the party came out on the Detainee Treatment Act. The lies are debunked in this post from October 1st by yours truly. They aren't happy with the attack dogs that came out against Mark Foley; practically trying and convicting the man before the FBI finishes it's investigation. And they are definitely not happy with the dirty lies being spread by Democrat candidates this year, like those of Claire McCaskill against Jim Talent, and even going back to when Sen. Schumer's staffers hacked Michael Steele's credit report. The base isn't looking at the Democrats as the party of ideas.

They're looking at them like a party in desperate need of a victory. Some sort of consolation that someone buys their garbage. But what poor fools like Howard Dean seem to have forgotten is that there are still a lot of FDR/JFK Democrats out there that shun this sort of behavior. The "nutroots" (as the kids kids fondly refer to them as) seem to think that everyone will fall lock-step behind them. They seem to forget that the base is not generally as nutty as they are. These people are the spiteful, vitriolic wing of the Democrat party, and they're forcing a power struggle in the ranks.

Harold Ford, Jr. shows the party's dire straits. He claims he violated no etiquette. Never mind the fact that candidates abided by this unwritten rule for elections. You don't crash the other guy's party. He did. And if you get a chance to watch the news story about it, and not just the vidoe of the crashing from Ian, you'll see that within the press there, there's no love loss. They take him to taks for the sordid display. Bob Corker was holding a press conference to explain his ideas for ethical reform in Washington, DC, and Ford showed up to make a spectacle of the conference. A publicity stunt that went wrong. Even John McIntyre at Real Clear Politics has stated that this was a serious gaffe on his part, and in a tightly contested race, this was not a smart move.

In addition to that, the polls show that while Ford is leading Corker, it is by a measely two points, which puts this race well withint he margin of error. If I were Ford, I wouldn't poip the bottle of bubbly yet. The fallout from this mistake will probably come out in this week's polls. The last thing he needed was something that could put him behind inthe polls with two weeks to go. any momentum swing in Corker's favor could seriously hurt the Democrat's chance to steal this seat away. But, then again, did Ford really have a chance to take it in the first place?

The Democrats are absolutely desperate to make gains in the south, a region they will have to make inroads into for the 2008 election if they want to win. If this election goes to Corker, which we all agree it will, then the Democrat's shot in 2008 might be all over. Ohio may be the deciding factor in elections, but it is the heartland that carries to victor in a presidential election. President Bush has proven that twice now. The Democrats lost the south a long time ago, and they've been trying to get back there for years. Ford was to be their new hero in this respect. And what we have seen is that true heroes don't make mistakes like this. They stay oin track and on task, which is what Corker did after their brief confrontation at the crashed press conference. He went back to work while Ford stood outside and whined to the press that Corker refused to debate him.

Whine and complain, that's all the Democrats have to offer this year. And it's not a good sign when a party that claims it has ideas lays none on the table for the voters to examine.Attack ads and nastiness doesn't win elections. Ideas and solutions do. We have them. the Democrats wish they had something.

Sabrina McKinney


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Ford reminds me of Cindy Sheehan with his anti war stance. A Gunny remarked they are sisters under the skin. Rawriter

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