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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Quickie Political News

Just a quick post to report on the political news of the day.

John McCain has announced he will file paperwork to run for the presidency in 2008. (May I be sick now?) Joining him is Duncan Hunter, representative from California (Uh-huh; right), and Rudy Giuliani. Also, Hugh announced about five minutes ago that Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Health and Human Services, has also announced his intention to run for president.

Out of this lot, I give Rudy the best chances. The bloggers will wreck John McCain--on his Senate record alone--before the primaries even get going. Duncan Hunter, who has sefv ed in the House only at the federal level, has no shot. And no one knows Tommy Thompson unless you pay attention to the political landscape. And even then, he barely registers a blip on most pundits' radars.



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